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Department of Political Science Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Department of Economics Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Department of Global Political Economy Bachelor of Arts in Global Political Economy

Department of Political Science

政治学科紹介The Department of Political Science carries on the University’s founding spirit of academic freedom and its aspiration to create an autonomous civil society. The University’s guiding principles are also reflected in its ideal of analyzing real-life political phenomena in close collaboration with the discipline of economics. The Department aims to disseminate academic findings and insights from Japan to peers in related fields throughout the world. The Department has prepared a systematic curriculum for the complex discipline of political science, which covers a wide variety of fields, including political institutions, political behavior, political theory, international relations, history and area studies. Students actively participate in small seminar classes and other forums designed to foster their ability to think independently and systematically about politics. The Department also aims to instill in students a spirit of constructive criticism in their studies of international relations, political science, economics, public discourse, and public administration so that they will be able to act as responsible future leaders on the global stage. Drawing upon their extensive experience overseas, the faculty pursue broad-ranging, cutting-edge research in political science, and engage in interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues in neighboring disciplines such as economics.

Department of Economics

経済学科紹介The Department of Economics strives to equip students with expertise in the field of economics so that they may become professionals who contribute to the development of society. Economic phenomena are manifestations of institutions that support individual lifestyles and the society as a whole. Economics is a collection of exact and accurate tools to understand how goods and services that are necessary for human survival are produced and distributed. The discipline of economics is continually evolving as societies and economies become increasingly complex and diverse. For this reason, the Department first immerses students of economics in the foundations and then encourages them to build upon this solid background when they apply their acquired skills to areas of their interest. The Department offers sequences of courses with gradually increasing complexity. Also, students can study a wide range of subjects that apply the theoretical tools of economics. In addition, through seminars, students practice how to debate and formulate ideas and arguments. The faculty pursue broad-ranging, cutting-edge research in economics, and engage in interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues in neighboring disciplines such as political science.

Department of Global Political Economy

国際政治経済学科紹介The Department of Global Political Economy educates future leaders who will be capable of adopting both a systematic approach grounded in political science and economics and a global perspective unfettered by boundaries of time and place. In doing so, the Department cultivates future leaders who will put forward measures to reform and improve political and economic systems and, ultimately, contribute to the progress of human society. We cannot properly understand any of the social challenges that we currently face without taking into consideration contemporary society and global interdependence within historical contexts. At the same time, the changing state of international society requires us to adopt a new outlook towards society itself. The truly complex world we live in today needs talented graduates who have the ability to build on the fundamental concepts of public philosophy, political science, and economics to analyze and propose solutions to practical issues, as well as the capacity to take action to make those solutions a reality. Our faculty aim to equip students with this knowledge and these skills by advancing academic frontiers through the pursuit of interdisciplinary initiatives and cutting-edge education and research.

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