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Programs and Degrees

Graduate Schools at Waseda University are engaged in research and instruction in the humanities and sciences fields, at an advanced level, in terms of both theory and practice. They aim to reach a depth of knowledge, create and develop cultures, and contribute to the welfare of mankind. The graduate courses consist of a “master’s program” for two years and a “doctoral program” for the following three years. The details of the programs are as follows:

Master’s Program
(Master’s Degree)
Aims to offer students a broader perspective and deeper knowledge to equip them with research abilities in specialized fields and advanced competences necessary for professional careers. To complete the course, students must study for at least two years, obtain the number of credits set by each graduate school, receive supervision in the fields of their study, and pass the thesis and final examinations.

Doctoral Program
(Doctoral Degree)
Aims to help students develop specialized knowledge and research competences required of researchers or professionals with expertise in their fields. To obtain the doctoral degree, three years of postgraduate study with guidance is necessary, as a general rule. Students must also submit a doctoral dissertation and pass the thesis and final examinations.

Research Student
Students are allowed to take a course or several courses of study in a year.

As a rule, classes, research guidance, and thesis instruction at our Graduate School are conducted in Japanese. However, we provide guidance in English for the Program “Global-J”. Please refer to the following.

Global Japanese Literary and Cultural Studies (Global-J) in Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Waseda University established the Global Japanese Literary and Cultural Studies (Global-J)  in the Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences on Sep. 21, 2018. Global-J is to realize a new vision in global Japanese literary and cultural studies, aiming to rethink Japanese culture from a truly global perspective and to disseminate its outcomes based on the Top Global University Project (SGU), Waseda Ocean initiative. The aim of Waseda Ocean is to establish research and education systems for creating the future with an eye toward Waseda Vision 150 and promoting complete internationalization in research and education.
The aim of Global Japanese Literary and Cultural Studies (Global-J) is to bring together the methodologies and outcomes of Japanese literary and cultural studies that have been developed in both Japan and other regions of the world, to conduct interdisciplinary education and research activities both in English and Japanese, and to create new Global Japanese Literary and Cultural Studies under the guidance of leading researchers active in the front line of education worldwide. Global-J will produce scholars and educators who will lead the future course of Japanese literary and cultural studies on the international stage.

  • Press release Waseda to offer new English-based Master’s degree program in global Japanese literary and cultural studies (11 Nov 2019)
  • Some or all classes may be provided online in the spring and fall semester 2021 according to circumstances, including the influence of COVID-19. We will announce how we provide classes  through our websites  when it is determined.

Application Guidelines

  • Application Guidelines (Doctoral Program/Master’s Program) The current COVID-19 pandemic may cause changes in the application process (period of application, examination calendar, examination contents, dates of publication of accepted applicants, etc.). Should any such eventuality occur, a notice will be posted on the Graduate School's website. Please monitor it regularly for updates.
    If any changes occur after the application period has started, applicants will be contacted by email. Please make sure to check the email address you included with your application materials.

Enrollment Date

April 1 (Thu.) 2021 OR September 21 (Tue.) 2021 (Desired entrance date must be specified at time of application)

Degree Programs

  • Master of Arts in Literature
  • Doctor of Literature

Screening Methods

First screening: Document screening

Screening will be based on application documents submitted during the specified application period

Second screening: Oral examination*

Only applicants who successfully passed the document screening will be asked to take the oral examination
*Applicants applying from outside of Japan will be asked to take their oral examination via the Internet

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