JCulP 1st-year OS Curriculum Guidance 2021

Congratulations on your admission to Waseda University. Please make sure to check the guidance video and Course Registration Guide to prepare for the course registration.

【Course Registration Guide】

【Subject Studied in Other School】

【Japanese Language Course】

【Notice from the School Office 】

If you have difficulty entering Japan for classes in the fall semester of 2021, please submit the application form below.

【Only JCulP】  Registration for Students with Difficulties in Entering Japan for the Fall Semester of 2021



New undergraduate students must take the “Required Seminar for All New Students” and pass a test in order to acquire correct knowledge to use the IT services provided by Waseda University such as PCs, Internet services and mail services.Please make sure to check the webpage below and take the seminar between 9:00 September 21 and 10:00 October 12.


English based program

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