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About Global Japanese Literary and Cultural Studies (Global-J)

The Global Japanese Literary and Cultural Studies (Global-J) doctoral program was established in September 2018 at Waseda University’s Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences with the goal of fostering the researchers and educators who will lead the future of Japanese studies on the global stage. To that aim, we have been bringing together the methodologies and outcomes of Japanese literary and cultural studies that have been developed in both Japan and other regions of the world to conduct interdisciplinary education and research activities in both English and Japanese under the guidance of leading researchers active at the forefront of education worldwide.

A master’s program for this course of study has also been established and will start in April 2021. In addition to nurturing talented scholars who will go on to continue their studies in the doctoral program to delve further into Japanese studies, the master’s program will also foster the development of human capital that will be active in global companies and international institutions armed with advanced linguistic capabilities and specialized knowledge of Japanese studies.

Research guidance in the Global Japanese Studies course will be provided both by Waseda University faculty members who have been driving forces in the research areas of Japanese literature, theater, and history and in partnership with internationally renowned faculty members from Columbia University and UCLA. In addition, we will be offering a double degree program with Columbia University and a reciprocal fellowship program with UCLA. Global-J will help to produce talented individuals who will spread their wings around the world within the ideal environment that only Waseda University can provide: the university’s libraries, which boast a vast catalog of texts, as well as international symposiums, lectures, and many other events hosted by the Ryusaku Tsunoda Center of Japanese Culture and other institutions affiliated with the university.

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