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In the present day, when people and information come together on a global scale, the cultures of various regions are becoming linked in increasingly complex ways and this intertwining is displayed in increasingly multifaceted aspects. In the graduate course, while looking steadily toward this new era, by persistently carrying onward the wisdom that has been continuously passed down through the generations as the wisdom of the humanities create by humankind, and persistently pursuing wisdom, our goal is to train capable people who can contribute to future human culture as creators of new values that can cope with a continually diversifying society.

Within the master’s program, during a two-year period of study, students deepen their academic knowledge by completing related coursework while proceeding with their own individual research. Upon acquiring the required course credits, submitting a master’s thesis and completing the final oral examination, a master’s degree is awarded.

Within the doctoral program, students work out their own research project under the guidance of faculty advisors, and based upon that plan, while involved in making presentations at academic conferences (including international conferences), diligently improve their ability to carry out research. Upon the submission of a doctoral dissertation and its being judged as acceptable through an oral examination, acceptance by the degree committee and acceptance by the faculty, a doctoral degree is awarded.

The graduate program consists of 21 courses and more than 140 research advisors and through a large number of course clusters in diverse fields supports education in the master’s and doctoral programs.

In accordance with the specific regulations of each course, 32 credits are required for the completion of the master’s program. Up to 14 credits from classes or lectures of other courses within the Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences are allowed, with a further 10 credits from university-wide and other classes open to students in the graduate school through partnership agreements are permitted.

Exchange agreements with 9 domestic universities offer opportunities to take lectures and receive research supervision at the respective graduate schools. Furthermore, in order to cater to individual research needs numerous agreements are in place with renowned overseas universities, offering a diverse range of programs for research abroad.

In the master’s program, we cultivate in-depth scholarship and the ability to assume specialist vocations, aiming at educating capable people who can contribute through their activities not only within Japan but also within international society.

In the doctoral program, under the direction of multiple research advisors, thorough guidance is provided toward attaining the doctoral degree, pursuing research capability and establishing oneself as a researcher.

Waseda University, on the educational principle of “independence of scholarship,” maintains a high standard of fundamental scholastic achievement and an active intellectual curiosity, filled with the university’s fundamental principle of progressive spirit, accepting students who are extremely eager to learn, from both Japan and from other nations around the world.

Within the master’s program, students are accepted who possess the kind of intelligence and education that will allow them to take up specialist occupations in the future and who can be anticipated to complete a master’s thesis that accord with the required standards within the two-year period of study.

Within the doctoral program, students are accepted who have already completed a superior master’s thesis and who can be anticipated to complete an academically valuable doctoral dissertation within three years.

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