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Educational Policy

Today, the interchange of people and information takes place globally, making the ways cultural modalities in different regions are intertwined with each other increasingly complex and multi-faceted. As this new era is now upon us, this Graduate School aims to develop human resources of great scholarly attainments who contribute to the future of human culture by inheriting the knowledge of cultural science created by human beings and seeking knowledge unceasingly to create new value that meets the needs of a diversifying society.

By combining comprehensiveness, originality, and systematic curricula cultivated by Waseda University with the university-wide educational and social environments, this Graduate School offers students the opportunity to experience the values of intellectual, cultural and linguistic exchange so that they can take the initiative in making contributions to the global community. The policies for realizing this are described below.

With the aims of allowing students to gain deep scholarly attainments and develop special vocational skills and developing human resources who play an active part not only in Japan but also in global society, the Master’s Program grants a master’s degree (in literature) to those who have earned the required number of credits, submitted a master’s thesis, and passed a final examination (oral examination) in the 2-year course period.

The Doctoral Program offers students the opportunity to cultivate their research skills by developing a research plan on their own under the guidance of supervisors, presenting their research results in meetings of academic societies (including international ones) and contributing papers to the journals of these societies based on the plan, and it grants a doctoral degree (in literature) to those who have submitted a dissertation for a doctoral degree and passed a review (by the Thesis Review Committee, the Degree Committee, and the Faculty Committee), thereby making them independent as a researcher.

This Graduate School consists of 22 Master’s Program courses and 22 Doctoral Program courses in the Major of Cultural Sciences, and it offers research seminars, seminars, and research and advanced subjects designed to acquire expertise in these courses. We also offer lectures and foreign language subjects as common subjects.

To complete the Master’s Program, students must earn 32 credits as specified for the respective courses. On the other hand, they are allowed to earn up to 14 credits for subjects offered by courses other than your own or common subjects (lectures), and up to 10 credits for subjects offered by other graduate schools of Waseda University, subjects designed for all graduate students, subjects open to graduate students, and subjects offered by partner university graduate schools.

We have concluded exchange agreements with nine university graduate schools in Japan, and students are allowed to attend lectures and research seminars offered by these graduate schools. Based on a number of agreements concluded with major overseas universities and other institutions, we provide a variety of study abroad programs in order for students to cultivate their skills in these overseas graduate schools as required for their research.

In the Master’s Program, students are required to acquire expertise in a systemic manner and develop the ability to put such expertise into practice based on this curriculum structure. In the Doctoral Program, students are expected to acquire further expertise and complete a doctoral dissertation under the guidance of supervisors. We have also established an advisory system, under which students can also receive objective advice on their research from secondary supervisors.

Under the educational policy of “The Independence of Learning,” this Graduate School admits a large number of domestic and international students who have a superior level of basic academic ability, a healthy intellectual curiosity, an enterprising spirit, and high motivation to study.

For the Master’s Program, we admit students who have the level of intelligence and education that makes them suitable to work as a specialist in the future, who have the Japanese language proficiency necessary to work in the field of liberal arts, and who are expected to be able to write a master’s thesis above a certain level in the 2-year course period.

For the Doctoral Program, we admit students who are expected to be able to write a doctoral dissertation with academic value in 3 years.

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