Wireless LAN Connections

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Wireless LAN connectivity

Wireless LAN connectivity allows wireless access to the on-campus network without using a LAN cable.

Wireless LAN connectivity to the on-campus network is available only where wireless access points are located. From one access point, you can communicate with multiple wireless LAN-enabled PCs.

Since connectivity to wireless access points is affected by such factors as distance, physical obstacles, and other radio waves on the same frequency as the wireless LAN, the range of each wireless access is limited. Also, as distance increases between you and the access point, the quality of radio waves deteriorates and so communication with the access point becomes more difficult.

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How to set up and make a connection

Required hardware

Windows 8.1/10
Mac OS X
Smart Phone, Tablet [*]

[*] Some models unable connect.


In order to use the Wireless LAN connection, certification with your Waseda Mail address and Waseda-net password will be required.
Alumni can not use the wireless LAN network.

Set up and Make a connection

Set up

Please refer to the manual that corresponds to use environment (OS).

Manual for Wireless LAN (PDF) *Japanese version is here.
Windows Windows 10 Windows 8    
Mac macOS 10.7-10.13 Mac OSX 10.5-10.6    
Other iOS Android 10 or earlier Android 11 Chromebook

*iPhone and Android phone work differently between devices, and OS versions.
So you can use this manual, but we don’t guarantee the devices.

Make a connection

You have to enter your Waseda Mail address and password.
For more information, please refer to the "Daily Use" in the "Manual for Wireless LAN".

- Can you use a wireless LAN at that location ?
  -- Please check the "Locations where wireless LAN is available (access points)" below.

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Locations where wireless LAN is available (access points)

Please check the "Locations where wireless LAN is available (access points)"