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WBS graduates are working at leading companies and organizations in various fields. Here are the voices of WBS Alumni, graduated from WBS in recent years; you can feel their enthusiasm and passion to acquire jobs in Japan. Please take a look to expand the image of employment after graduating WBS.

■International MBA

1.Cristian Camilo Quitian Rojas From Colombia, Lenovo Japan

Studying an MBA at Waseda business school has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Initially, for me, an MBA was just a natural step in my career development. As a project manager, I wanted to learn more about management and finance, but what I got from the program was much more than I had expected.

One of the highlights of the WBS MBA program is the wide variety of courses offered in Japanese and English. This can help future students to take a look into other disciplines, see if one of those is more alluring to them and help them change their career path, as it happened to me.

Before, I had little knowledge about Marketing or Venture capitalism among other disciplines. But thanks to the practical skills I learned in class, I was able to get a job in product marketing. This turned my career around completely in an amazing, unexpected way. Not only I was able to get a job in my dream company, but I am facing new and exciting challenges at work every day, in a completely different line of work.

It is important to mention that besides the great teachers at WBS, the CMC played an important part in my career development. looking for a job in Japan can seem like a daunting task. but thanks to the helpful people there, I was able to practice mock job interviews in Japanese, learned Japanese business manners, practiced group interviews and finally, thanks to their weekly newsletter, I found the announcement for my actual job. I honestly can say I would not be here if it was not for the invaluable support I got from all the staff at WBS.

2.Baasanjav Ochirkhuyag From Mongolia, Nomura Securities

As one of the most well-regarded MBA programs in Japan, Waseda afforded me with various opportunities to network and expand my career horizon. On-campus guest lectures by entrepreneurs and industry leaders and off-campus visits to company headquarters and facilities gave us a chance to not only complement our classroom learning with real world business know-how but also network with prospective employers and establish contact. The WBS Career Management Center (“CMC”) further supported us by introducing and organizing internship and other employment events such as on-campus recruitment in addition to holding various seminars and workshops on job hunting in Japan.

I joined Tokyo-based global investment bank Nomura Securities upon graduation, following a week-long internship program coordinated by the CMC. The internship involved floor visits, networking events, case studies and presentations. It provided me with a unique opportunity to learn more about the firm, its culture and values firsthand which helped me see the organizational fit even before joining.

The CMC continuously supported me throughout the recruitment process. The job hunting seminars and workshops helped me to better understand the Japanese hiring culture which can be rather unique as compared to many other countries. During the application and interview phase, the CMC proofread my materials in Japanese and practiced mock interviews. It further provided visa related information and support as needed. The CMC services were an excellent resource throughout the recruitment process and were crucial in achieving my post-MBA career goal as an international student in Japan.

3.Anyu Lee From Taiwan, Arm

2 years in WBS influenced my life significantly without doubt. The most valuable things I learned from WBS are:
1.The real Japanese business world picture – We all know Japan is a special place to do the business but how different? Professors in WBS have plenty of experience in several industries. Most of them are from very well-known enterprises and positioned as executives or C-level which bring sincere knowledge and insight of the strategy-making process for students. This is important, especially for foreign students who almost never ever worked in Japan as high-level position. It helps me a lot when I was doing the internship and my current work.
2. Opportunity worldwide – I know some students worry Japan MBA = job in Japan only, whatever Japanese company or foreign company. But I feel more. Learning in the center of Tokyo, which is a constantly evolving global city, raises student’s international views. Waseda has more than 130 years of history and countless connection in the world. All these help student become a global talent.

■MSc in Finance

1.Wang Yiwen From China, BlackRock Japan

It is a meaningful journey full of interesting and unforgettable memories when I was studying at Waseda Business School (WBS), as a part of MSc in Finance program. I consolidated my finance knowledge and acquired advanced analytical methods widely used in financial industry by utilizing the academic resources. I also got chances to work closely with two professors who have solid background of coding and practical research experiences and hence practiced my problem-solving skill, which I believe is a critical element that companies are looking for from new graduates. During my time in WBS I found I became more open-minded and understood the diversification better.

My exchange program in U.S. is one of instances that I was encouraged to embrace a short-term challenge and it matters a lot for me. Though it is not a very common policy for graduate programs to send students around the world, our school does support around this point. This exchange opportunity in the end brought me an internship offer back in Tokyo and also directly led me to my current job. I am feeling how different I am compared with the person almost 3 years ago, and I really appreciate WBS offering so much during this important stage of my life.

2. Erik Jeremies From Germany, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation

WBS helped me greatly in finding the right career path for me. The professors were not hesitant to introduce us to their wide network of professionals. We had several opportunities to discuss possible career paths with students of the Japanese program or alumni over some beer.

Furthermore, the CMC was really passionate in supporting us students. Regardless of the high demand for their services, the staff was never hesitant to listen to my requests or sit down with me to prepare several applications in detail. As a foreigner I struggled of course with writing my application in Japanese. I noticed that each company asked different questions and that you cannot simple copy paste your Japanese answer into each application. In most cases, the CMC double checked my rewritten content. In addition, Japanese applications and in particular the rirekisho (CV) are completely different in structure, design and content to what we may be used in other societies. You often have to rethink what you want to write and adjust it to Japanese expectations. Having a strong and appealing application opened doors for many interviews and gave me confidence for further steps.

Job hunting in Japan is tough and really different to what I have been used to in Europe. I think it is important to notice early the difficulties that will come your way. CMC never sweet-talked anything and helped me tackle each challenge.

3. Chen Zhengzhang From China, PwC Consulting, Japan

I would like to say that the time I spent at WBS is one of the most valuable experiences in my life. Most students who are enrolled in MSc in Finance program are interested in working in financial industry. The curriculum provided by WBS basically covered all fields in financial industry. We have lots of opportunities to try them. For instance, I took a derivates related class and did a making new options assignment. It provides me with a valuable experience of the structuring work and lets me consider whether we should consider it as a career at a deeper level. Besides, since Finance students are also allowed to take MBA courses and courses provided by other schools, we have plenty of opportunities to talk with professors with various backgrounds such as physics and politics. The point is just whether you are willing to utilize the resources to expand your views.

The help from CMC is as important as the knowledge I’ve learnt from classroom. The assistance from CMC not only helped me find a job but also changed my values in terms of soft career skills and on the mental level. First, I got lots of wise advice on how to write a good Entry Sheet (CV). This is not only about the grammar but also how to make it look professionally. Usually, word limit is quite strict. Therefore, how to show your experience and thoughts as complete as you can is the key. Before I went to CMC, what I can express is barely telling the story as most untrained students are able to. But at the discussion with the counselor who has great work experience in management consulting companies, she helped me break down what I want to say and structured it in a very logical way. I learnt how to only leave the information people care about. In addition, by seeing she break down all the problems we were facing, the way she thinks and solves problems deeply affected me. I learnt how a professional consultant works. As a result, one year later, I significantly increased my writing skills whether in Japanese or English. I passed most of the CV screen of companies which I applied for such as the most prestigious 9 investment banks. Another important thing is that after all the discussion we have, I also trained myself to think about problems like a consultant, which gave me a new angle and a more efficient way to recognize the world. With that ability, I was able to have deeper and more meaningful discussions with my friends and professors, in which I could learn more than before in such a limited time.

The second one is more about on my personal life. To write a good Entry Sheet, I looked back on my life and deeply analyzed what I am literally interested in and what I am good at with my counselor. Then I could only apply for the job which I literally fit into instead of blindly applying for all big companies. By sharing my personal experience with staff in CMC, I also made good friends with them. My counselor is not only a simple career advisor for me, but she is more like my mentor who guided me during the graduate school time, and I believe that the values she brought to me will deeply contribute to my future career. CMC is also one of the important reasons I recommend WBS to you.

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