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HIGASHIDE Hironori, Professor



Hironori Higashide is Professor of Entrepreneurship at WASEDA Business School. He received MBA and Ph.D.  in Entrepreneurship from Imperial College, University of London. Before his academic career, he was involved in property development business in Europe. Professor Higashide’s current research focus is on impacts of creativity, various ‘intelligences’, death & religion, ego & freedom, and individual capabilities, on happiness of stakeholders. He is also the director of the WASEDA Entrepreneurship Research Unit (WERU). This is the oldest research group devoted to entrepreneurship study in Japan.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D., Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Finance, London University, 1995-1998

M.B.A., Management, London University, 1991

B.A., Economics, Keio University, 1981-1985

Selected Publications

Higashide, H. and Birley, S. (2002). The consequences of conflict between the venture capitalist and the entrepreneurial team in the United Kingdom from the perspective of the venture capitalist. Journal of Business Venturing, 17(1), pp.59-81.

Ping Ping Fu, Jeff Kennedy, Jasmine Tata, Gary Yukl, Michael Harris Bond, Tai-Kuang Peng, Ekkirala S Srinivas, Jon P Howell, Leonel Prieto, Paul Koopman, Jaap J Boonstra, Selda Pasa, Marie-Francoise Lacassagne, Hiro Higashide and Adith Cheosakul. (2004). The impact of societal cultural values and individual social beliefs on the perceived effectiveness of managerial influence strategies: a meso approach. Journal of International Business Studies. 35, 284-305

Courses in charge

Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital Investment in High-tech Industries, Family Business Management A : Theory and Family Business Plan Development, Creative Process and Ethics for Business, Value creation strategy for global entrepreneurial start-ups,  Project Research A: Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Leadership / Entrepreneurial Leadership, Project Research B: Entrepreneurial Leadership



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