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Professor Tatsuyuki Negoro has entered the world of academia after 10 years work experience in Daido Steel Co., Ltd.. He received an MBA from Keio University. He then started his academic career at Sanno College, Bunkyo University, and then he joined WASEDA University at 2001 and started to teach the MBA program from 2003. In addition to his teaching and research, Professor Negoro served as Director of WASEDA Business School and then Dean from 2010 to 2016. He is also Director of Research Institute of Information Technology and Management (RIIM), WASEDA University. He served several social activities including President of the Japan society of Management and Information Management, Vice President of the CRM Forum JAPAN, and Editorial board member of the Journal of Systems Research. He has published several books and academic papers in the field of Business Strategy, Business Model, and Platform Strategy.

Academic Degrees

M.B.A., General Management, Keio University, 1981-1983

B.A., Sociology, Kyoto University, 1973-1977

Selected Publications

<Publications in English>

Negoro, Tatsuyuki and Sota Kamaike, Strategy for Parallel Platforms, Waseda Business & Economic Studies, No.49, 2014, pp.1-22.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki and Satoshi Ajiro, An Outlook of Platform Theory Research in Business Studies, Waseda Business & Economic Studies, No.48, 2013, pp.1-29.

Mukai, Masamichi and Tatsuyuki Negoro, Contribution of Information Systems to Business Performance as an Embedded Factors of Differentiation Mechanism: A Case Study of Seven-Eleven Japan,” Journal of Japan Society for Information and Management, Vol.30, No.3, 2010.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, Differentiation Systems and Meta-systems: Mainteance and Innovation of Business Differentiation Mechanism, Waseda Business & Economic Studies, No.45, 2009.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki & Mamiko Wakabayashi, A Time-Series Descriptive Model of Competitive Advantage Trajectory, The International Congress of SSS, 2007.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, Business Model Analysis as a Systems Approach, The First World Congress of the International Federation for Systems Research, 2005.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, Can CRM Be a Differentiation Strategy?: Pitfalls of Customer Retention Activities, Waseda Business & Economic Studies, No.40, 2005.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, Internet-Specific Business Strategies Do Not Exist: An Analysis from a Resource-Based Perspective, Waseda Business & Economic Studies, No.39, 2004.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, Possibility Beyond Customer Relationship Management: From Encirclement to Open Partnership, Waseda Business & Economic Studies, No.38, 2003.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, Industrial Change by Information Networks, KENSHU (AOTS), NO.157, 2000, pp.12-16.

Kimura, Makoto and Tatsuyuki Negoro, Information Exchange Models of Internet Commerce-Platform Business for the contribution to the Industrial Development, Fifth International Conference, Asia-Pacific Region of Decision Science Institute, 2000.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, A Reconstruction of the Constitutive Rules of Soft Systems Methodology, Systemist, Vol.17, No.3, 1995, pp.146-156.

Kohta, J. A. Bird, T Negoro and S. Fujita, American and Japanese Contrasts, Technologie and Management, 1994, pp.11l-l19.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, Strategic Management based on Relationship Building, Systemist, Vol.15, No.3, 1993, pp.l67-l73.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, A Potentiality of Soft Systems Methodology As a Device of Intervention on Strategy formulation, CEMlT92/CECOIA3, 1993.

Kohta, J. A. Bird, T Negoro and S. Fujita, Managerial Perceptions of Manufacturing Technologies: American and Japanese Contrasts, CEMlT92/CEC0IA3, 1993.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, Critique of ‘Total Systems Intervention’: Ten Questions, Sanno College Bulletin, 1992, pp.89-117.

Ono, Keinosuke and Tatsuyuki Negoro, The Strategic Management of Manufacturing Businesses, 3ACorporation, 1992.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, Examination of the Concept of Key Factor for Success from a Systems Thinking Perspective, M.C.Jackson et all eds., SYSTEMS THINKING IN EUROPE, Plenum Press, 1991, pp.l77-182.

<Publications in Japanese>

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, The Logic of Business Creation, NikkeiBP, 2014.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, eds., Information Strategy and Business Strategy for Chief Information Officer, Chuuokeizaisha, 2010.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, eds., Mixi and the 2nd Generation of the internet business, ToyoKeizai, 2007.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, The Strategy of Substitutes, ToyoKeizai, 2006.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, eds., Strategic Management in the Digital Age, Mediaselect, 2005.

Beyond Customer Relationship Management, PHP, 2002.

Ono, Keinosuke and Tatsuyuki Negoro, Business Strategy and Business Innovation, Asakurashoten, 2001.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki and Sachiyo Satoh, The future Strategy of Medicine Industry, Toyo Keizai, 2000.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki and Makoto Kimura, Internet Business Strategy, Nikka Giren, 1999.

Teshima, Ayumi, Tatsuyuki Negoro and Amane Sugino, ERP and Business Reform, Nikka Giren, 1998.

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, Information Network and Organizational Change, Sanno College Press, 1997.

Courses in charge

Currently teaching in Japanese only


April 2011 – March 2013  Vice President of International Academy of CIO Japan

April 2008 – March 2010  President of the Japan society of Management and Information Management

April 2000 – March 2011  Vice President of the CRM Forum JAPAN

April 1991 – 2013  Editorial Board member of the Journal of Systems Research

April 2011 – Present  Senior Adviser of the CRM Forum JAPAN


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