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KAWAGUCHI Yuichiro, Professor



Professor Kawaguchi is the founder of “Real Estate Financial Engineering”. In 2004, he joined Waseda University. He was the president of the Asian Real Estate Society in 2013 (currently a Board member). He is also the chairman of Japanese Association of Real Estate Financial Engineering and the director of Institute of International Real Estate Studies at Waseda University. He has advised on analysis of real estate capital markets at banks, companies and institutions.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. in Engineering, University of Tokyo

Selected Publications


“International Real Estate; An Institutional Approach”, Oxford; Blackwell Publishers.

“Professional Insights into Future Real Estate Investment”, Nikkei BP in Japanese

“Real Estate Economics”, Seibun-sha. in Japanese.

“Real Estate Financial Engineering”,  Seibun-sha. in Japanese.

Journal Articles

Kawaguchi, Y. jointly with S. E. Ong and J. T. L. Ooi, 2011,”Seasoned Equity Issuance by Japan and Singapore REITs,” Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Volume 43, Issue 1-2, pp. 205-220

Kawaguchi,Y. jointly with  H. Seya, M. Tsutsumi, and Y. Yoshida, Procedia 2011,“Empirical Comparison of the Various Spatial Prediction Models: in Spatial Econometrics, Spatial Statistics, and Semiparametric Statistics,” – Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 21, pp. 120–129,.

Kawaguchi, Y. and K.Tabata,2013 ”Real Estate Business Cycle”, Asian Real Estate Association, Annual Meeting.

Kawaguchi,Y. jointly wit Masaki Oataka..2010.“Pricing Real Estate Index Linked Swaps with Counterparty Default Risk” Journal of Real Estate Financial Engineering, No.4, 21-34

Kawaguchi, Y. jointly with T.Taniyama and J.Honnma.2014.“Information Epidemics in Real Estate Markets-Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis”, Journal of Real Estate Financial Engineering, No.7, 1-16

Tabata, Katsuchi., and Yuichiro KAWAGUCHI ,2015,” Long-term stagnation and Japanese macro economy”, JAREFE Journal (Forthcoming)

Courses in charge

Real Estate Finance (MSc in Finance)

Financial Econometrics (MSc in Finance)

Real Estate, Finance and Insurance (MSc in Finance)


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