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SHIMIZU Nobumasa, Professor



Professor Shimizu joined WASEDA University as professor in 2009. He received MA from Waseda University Graduate School of Commerce. Prior to joining WASEDA, he was professor in Momoyama-Gakuin University and Hosei University. He and his co-researchers shared an academic best award from Japan Cost Accounting Association for their book titled ” Issues on Researches of Target Cost Management ” in 1997. Professor Shimizu has received Grant-in Aid for Scientific Research many times. He has served as executive director of Japan Cost Accounting Association and the Japanese Association of Management Accounting.

Selected Publications

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Shimizu.N and A.Tamura, ” The Effects of Business Strategy on Economic Evaluation Techniques of Capital Investment,” Keizai Shirin( Hosei University), Vol.82,No.1/2,2015.

Kawai.T, J.Sakaguchi and N. Shimizu, “Transition of Buyer-Supplier  Relationships in Japan :Empirical Evidence from Manufacturing Companies,”Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change, Vol.9, No.4, 2013.

Shimizu.N and A.Tamura, ”The Consistency between Investment Management Process and Business Strategy,” Keizai Shirin( Hosei University),Vol.80,No.3,2013.

Tani, T., H. Okano, N. Shimizu, Y. Iwabuchi, J. Fukuda and S. Cooray, “Target Cost Management in Japanese Companies: Current State of the Art,” Management Accounting Research, Vol.4, No.2,1994.

Courses in charge

Introduction to Management Accounting(Evening MBA)

Management Accounting for Managerial Decision Making (Evening MBA)

Management Accounting for Performance Evaluation(International MBA)

Seminar(International MBA )

Seminar(Evening MBA)


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