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Library Learning Commons & Group Study Facilities

Waseda University Library has unique library-oriented Learning Commons and group study facilities.

Central Library

  • Areas for group stay
    1st floor / Commons(Research)
    2nd floor / Commons 1 ・2
    3rd floor / Commons 3・4
    4th floor / Library Lounge
  • Group Study facilities
    Second floor /Group Study Room 1・2
    B1 floor  / Group Research Room 1・2・3 <Only for graduate students and faculty. Available for reservation>

Please see below for more information about the Learning Commons areas and rules.
Guide to Zoning Policy and Rules in the Central Library

S. Takata Memorial Research Library

  • Group Study facilities
    Group Reading Room A・B <Only for graduate students>

Toyama Library

  • Group Study facilities
    Group Reading Room 1・2 <2 is available for reservation>

Science & Engineering Library

  • Areas for group stay
    Commons 1 ・2
  • Group study facilities
    Group Work Room
    Communication Lounge

Tokorozawa Library

  • Areas for group stay
    Open Reading Room
    Open Area
    Open Air Commons
  • Group study facilities
    Presentation Area <Available for reservation>
    Group Study Area 1・2 <2 is available for reservation>

Commons (Research), Central Library

Commons 2 (Discussion), Central Library

Commons 3 (Browsing), Central Library

Group Study Room 1・2, Central Library

PC Corner and Personal Work Area, Science & Engineering Library

Group Work Room, Science & Engineering Library

Learning Commons, Tokorozawa Library

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