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課外活動の段階的な再開について(第11報)/On the Phased Resumption of Extracurricular Activities (November 15, 2021)

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① 感染予防策を徹底することで、オンライン配信だけでなく、集客を伴うイベント等の実施を認めます。ただし、オンライン形式で実施できるイベント等については、引き続きオンライン形式での実施を推奨します。イベント等実施には事前申請による大学の承認が必要です。

② 集客を伴うイベント等を実施する際には、出演者・来場者ともにマスクを着用することを原則とします。楽器を演奏する等、物理的にマスクを着用することが難しい活動や、成果発表内容の演出等の都合により出演者のマスク着用が難しい場合は、新型コロナウイルスワクチン接種の有無にかかわらず、マスク非着用者全員が、イベント実施日4日~2日前までの間に、PCR検査あるいは抗原検査による陰性確認を行うことで、本番中のマスク非着用を認めます。陰性確認の結果については、必ず大学に事前報告を行ってください(事務所開室時間を厳守)。なお、本番終了後は、速やかにマスクを着用してください。

③ イベント中の食事は、水分補給は除き、原則禁止とします。ただし、運営上やむを得ず食事が必要な場合は、黙食を徹底し、短時間で食べるようにしてください。また、片付けの際は感染予防を徹底してください。

④ 「練習」活動においても、マスクの着用を徹底してください。物理的にマスクを着用することが難しい等の理由でやむを得ずマスクを外す場合も、練習終了後は速やかにマスクを着用してください。

⑤ 布・ウレタン製等のマスクでは十分な予防効果が得られないという報告もあることから、密が発生する活動については、練習、イベントを問わず、不織布マスクを着用するようにしてください。

⑥ 練習、イベントを問わず、当日、本人に発熱等の体調不良が認められる場合、および同居人が発熱している場合、活動への参加は必ず控えるようにしてください。

⑦ サークル合宿や宿泊を伴う遠征は、事前に大学の承認を得た大会等に参加する場合を除き、引き続き原則、禁止します。宿泊を行う者は、上記②同様に、陰性確認および大学への事前報告を必要とします。

⑧ 学内外において黙食を徹底するとともに、懇親会、飲み会、打ち上げ等(サークル会員の自主的な集まりによるコンパ等も含む)の禁止を厳守してください。



提出書類について – 早稲田大学 学生生活課



早稲田大学Webサイト「【まとめ】新型コロナウイルス感染症への対応について University Response to Novel Coronavirus-infected Pneumonia」




November 15, 2021

Dean of Student Affairs


On the Phased Resumption of Extracurricular Activities (November 15, 2021)


Dear Students,


Waseda-Sai 2021, which was held in a hybrid format, was held under adequate infection control measures, and no clusters or other outbreaks have occurred due to the efforts of all performing groups and participants to prevent infection. At the Waseda-Sai 2021, a wide variety of Waseda student culture blossomed, attracting many spectators. we would like to express our gratitude to all of you for your responsible actions and congratulate you on the success of Waseda-Sai 2021.


Based on this matter, from tomorrow, we will ease restrictions as follows so that each circle can hold events with attracting visitors. However, please continue to wear masks, disinfect hands and eat quietly to prevent infection.


1. In addition to online distribution, it is permitted to hold events that attract visitors, provided that infection prevention measures are thoroughly followed. However, events that can be held online will continue to be recommended to be held online. Prior approval from the Student Affairs Section is required to conduct events.

2. In principle, both performers and visitors are required to wear masks when holding events that attract visitors. If it is physically difficult to wear a mask for activities such as playing a musical instrument, or if it is difficult to wear a mask due to the directorial or other reasons, you are allowed to not wear a mask only during the performance. However, that is on the condition that everyone who does not wear a mask, regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated against COVID-19, will have a negative PCR or antigen test confirmed between 4 and 2 days before the event. The results of the negative confirmation must be reported to the Student Affairs Section in advance (strictly within the office opening day and hours). Please wear a mask as soon as you finish the performance.

3. As a rule, eating during the event is prohibited, except for rehydration. However, if a meal is unavoidable for operational reasons, please ensure that you eat quietly and in a short time. Also, please take all necessary precautions to prevent infection when cleaning up.

4. Please be sure to wear your mask during all “practice” activities. Even if you have no choice but to remove your mask for reasons such as physical difficulty, please put it back on immediately after practice.

5. Since it has been reported that masks made of cloth or urethane do not provide sufficient protection, please wear non-woven masks when working in close contact, regardless of whether you are practicing or at an event.

6. Regardless of whether it is a practice activity or an event, if you have a fever or other health problems on the day of the activity, or if someone living with you has a fever, be sure to refrain from participating in the activity.

7. Circle training camps and expeditions involving overnight stays will continue to be prohibited in principle, except when participating in competitions, etc., for which prior approval has been obtained by the Student Affairs Section. Those who stay overnight will be required to confirm negative results and report to the Student Affairs Section in advance, as in 2. above.

8. Please keep silent when you have a meal on and off campus, and we strictly prohibit get-togethers, drinking parties, launches, etc. (including voluntary gatherings by circle members).


■Application documents for circle activities in AY 2021 (Japanese text only)

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