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課外活動の段階的な再開について(第10報)/On the Phased Resumption of Extracurricular Activities (October 1, 2021)

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① サークル単体での「練習」活動に加え、複数サークルによる合同練習等の実施を認めます。複数サークルによる試合等の実施は、以下④に記載のイベント等の実施と同様の扱いとします。

② 「練習」活動に伴う学生会館等の施設利用は可能です。

③ 学外で開催される対面形式での大会やイベント等への参加は、明確な感染予防ガイドラインの下に実施されるものに限り、事前申請により大学の承認を得ることで参加を認めます。

④ イベント等の実施は、引き続き事前申請による大学の承認が必要です。不特定多数の接触を避けるため、集客を伴わないオンライン配信による実施形態のみを認めます。

⑤ 学内外において黙食を徹底するとともに、懇親会、飲み会、打ち上げ等(サークル会員の自主的な集まりによるコンパ等も含む)の禁止を厳守してください。

⑥ サークル合宿や宿泊を伴う遠征は、事前に大学の承認を得た大会等に参加する場合を除き、引き続き原則、禁止します。

⑦ サークル内で陽性者や濃厚接触者が発生した場合は、幹事長が学生生活課まで速やかに報告してください。



提出書類について – 早稲田大学 学生生活課



早稲田大学Webサイト「【まとめ】新型コロナウイルス感染症への対応について University Response to Novel Coronavirus-infected Pneumonia」



October 1, 2021

Dean of Student Affairs


On the Phased Resumption of Extracurricular Activities (October 1, 2021)


Dear Students,


The declaration of a state of emergency covering 19 prefectures, including Tokyo, has been lifted. In response to this, some restrictions on extracurricular activities will be relaxed from Monday, October 4, as follows.

Thanks to all your efforts, we were able to minimize the spread of the infection through extracurricular activities even during the summer vacation. If the number of infected people on campus continues to be suppressed, we will make further relaxation, such as allowing events that attract people to take place.

Please continue to make efforts to prevent infection by wearing masks, disinfecting your hands, and eating in silence.


1.   In addition to “practice” activities by individual circles, joint practice by multiple circles is permitted. Conducting games by multiple circles shall be treated in the same way as conducting events described in item 4.

2.  You can do “practice activities” using facilities such as Waseda University Student Center.

3.  Participation in face-to-face competitions and events held off-campus is permitted only if they are conducted under clear infection prevention guidelines and with prior application and approval from the Student Affairs Section.

4.  Events will continue to be subject to prior approval from the Student Affairs Section. In order to avoid contact with an unspecified number of people, only online distribution without attracting audience will be accepted.

5.  Please keep silent when you have a meal on and off campus, and we strictly prohibit get-togethers, drinking parties, launches, etc. (including voluntary gatherings by circle members).

6.  Circle training camps and expeditions involving overnight stays will continue to be prohibited in principle, except when participating in competitions, etc., for which prior approval has been obtained by the Student Affairs Section.

7.  If there is a positive case or a close contact in the circle, the secretary general should report it to the Student Affairs Section as soon as possible.


■Application documents for circle activities in AY 2021 (Japanese text only):
Documents to be submitted – Student Life Division, Waseda University


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