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課外活動の段階的な再開について(第9報)/On the Phased Resumption of Extracurricular Activities (June 18, 2021)

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June 18, 2021

Dean of Student Affairs


On the Phased Resumption of Extracurricular Activities (June 18, 2021)


Dear Students,


On June 20, the declaration of a state of emergency for Tokyo will be lifted, and shifted to quasi-emergency coronavirus measures. In response to this, extracurricular activities will be resumed in a phased manner, mainly face-to-face “practice” activities, although some restrictions will remain as follows. Please check the details and make the necessary applications.

In the near future, when vaccination of society as a whole has progressed and the risk of spreading infection has decreased, the restrictions will be further relaxed. Please continue to make efforts to prevent infection by wearing masks, disinfecting your hands, and eating in silence.


・Please keep silent when you have a meal on and off campus, and we strictly prohibit get-togethers, drinking parties, launches, etc. (including voluntary gatherings by circle members).

・You can do “practice” activities using facilities such as Waseda University Student Center. However, please refrain from moving across prefectural borders whenever possible.

・In principle, participation in face-to-face competitions held off-campus will continue to be prohibited. However, participation in competitions held under clear guidelines for infection prevention by federations, etc., will be permitted only with the prior approval by the Student Affairs Section upon application.

・Events will continue to be subject to prior approval by the Student Affairs Section. Only events that are delivered online without attracting an audience will be accepted.

・Circle training camps and expeditions involving overnight stays will continue to be prohibited in principle, except when participating in competitions, etc., for which prior approval has been obtained by the Student Affairs Section. We request circles to change or cancel the plans if they are planning to hold camps and expeditions during the summer vacation period.


■Application documents for circle activities in AY 2021 (Japanese text only):
Documents to be submitted – Student Life Division, Waseda University


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