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ワクチン大学拠点接種の開始に際して/Regarding the start of COVID-19 Vaccination at Waseda University

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早稲田大学Webサイト「【まとめ】新型コロナウイルス感染症への対応について University Response to Novel Coronavirus-infected Pneumonia」







July 5, 2021

Dean of Student Affairs


Regarding the start of COVID-19 Vaccination at Waseda University


Dear Students,


The vaccination program at Waseda University has started. Through our vaccination program, the environment will be improved in which you can engage in education, research, and extracurricular activities with peace of mind. However, since (1) the vaccine is fully effective after two doses, and (2) even after two doses, infection cannot be 100% prevented, please continue to wear masks, disinfect your hands, and take other basic infection prevention measures.

The following is a list of precautions regarding vaccination and post-vaccination behavior and activities. We ask that you observe these precautions and behave thoughtfully and with the awareness of a Waseda University student.


・Accepting the vaccination is voluntary and not compulsory. Please understand that there are people who cannot or will not be vaccinated due to various reasons. Be considerate of the decision of others, and please DO NOT force people to get vaccinated or discriminate against them.

・Once the vaccinations have been administered not only at our university, but also in Japan, and the restrictions on activities and behavior in society as a whole have been lifted, we will announce the full resumption of extracurricular activities. Until then, please engage in activities within the scope of what the university allows. Circle training camps and expeditions during the summer vacation are prohibited.

・Get-togethers, drinking parties, launches, etc. are still forbidden, and we strictly prohibit drinking on the street, too. We have received many complaints about the behavior of some students at the roundabout in front of Takadanobaba station and at nearby parks. We will take strict action against any behavior that does not take into consideration the inconvenience to society.


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