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課外活動における一部制限の継続について(第4報)/Continuation of the Partial Restrictions on Extracurricular Activities (December 4, 2020)

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December 4, 2020

Dean of Student Affairs


Continuation of the Partial Restrictions on Extracurricular Activities (December 4, 2020)



Dear Students,


Currently, the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infections have been increasing, and enforcing stricter protective measures is being required for extracurricular activities as well. Therefore, Waseda University has decided to continue prohibiting the following activities until the end of March 2021.

①Social gatherings such as mixers, drinking parties, afterparties, etc. (This includes voluntary gatherings among club members, such as get-togethers, etc.)

②Student club training camps and excursions requiring overnight stays (gasshuku and ensei), unless the participation/organization of the event is pre-approved

As of now, Waseda does not plan on enforcing a university-wide restriction on holding events, but given that the number of infection cases is rising, we request that student clubs make appropriate judgements, such as postponing or canceling events.

Along with following protective measures, by taking actions such as reporting immediately to the University if an infection case occurs and making prompt decisions to suspend activities, wide-spread infections can be avoided, and large-scale COVID-19 clusters on campus can be prevented. The reason why infections on campus remain small in size at a large university like ours is because of your level of awareness and self-discipline. We thank and respect you for taking responsible actions despite being limited with and having to bear the burden of what you can do as your extracurricular activities. Likewise, in such an unprecedented time, you have successfully hosted Wasedasai 2020, the first online Waseda festival by students. We would also like to praise you as many student clubs are exercising now their ingenuity in their activities and facing never-seen-before challenges.

Unfortunately, few student clubs have held drinking parties, and some have hidden the fact that an infection has occurred. Against such actions, Waseda will deal with the matter strictly. Most infections that occur on campus are caused by actions such as having group dinners or not wearing a mask. We ask that you continue to follow protective measures such as sanitizing your hands and fingers as well as wearing a mask and that you report to the University immediately if an infection occurs in your student club. Please follow these extracurricular activity policies to maintain a trusting relationship between students and the University that we have built together.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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