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Not to be a perpetrator/victim

We assume that you meet a wide variety of people, have exchanges, and drastically expand the scope of activities in your student life. To make your student life fruitful in such an environment, in addition to caring for others on a daily basis, also have a sense of responsibility toward your own words/behavior and build better relationships with others.

Pyramid scheme/high-pressure street sales

More and more students are starting to be involved with pyramid scheme-related trouble, in which they bring up profit-making schemes involving investments and make people purchase high-priced products, such as USB flash drives. Many of these victims are recruited by their friends, circle mates, etc. Some students run into debt with student loans. These schemes not only cause financial damage but also destroy friendships.

There have also been reports of high-pressure street sales, in which people are recruited with phrases such as “Please give us a few minutes of your time for a survey” and “Would you like to become a model?” Even though recruitment is performed in a clever manner, determine the nature of recruitment, have the courage to say “No,” and be careful not to become a perpetrator.

  • Contracts concluded through recruitment via phone calls by businesses, pyramid schemes, etc. can be canceled through the cooling-off system.
  • If you find yourself in trouble, consult the consumer hotline ☎188.


Harassment refers to any violation of human rights that causes disadvantages/discomfort and damage the dignity of others through one’s speech/behavior. Even if it’s not intentional, it can be harassment if the other person feels that way. Below are just examples, but let’s understand what harassment can mean specifically.

If you have concerns regarding harassment, don’t endure it by yourself. Consult someone you can trust or The Office of Compliance 

. Depending on the situation, the Student Counseling Room of the Health Support Center, Gender and Sexuality Center, Emergency Contact Information “Gakusei Seikatsu 110”, various other offices, etc. shall respond to these issues.

Sexual harassment

To make the other party uncomfortable through physical contact, sexual violence/speech/behavior, etc.

Academic harassment

Educationally improper speech/behavior, instruction, or treatment by someone in an authoritative or superior position, such as a teacher

Power harassment

Improper speech/behavior, instruction, or treatment by someone in a superior position within an organization

Alcohol harassment

Alcoholic-beverage-related harassment and nuisance, such as the forcing of drinking and violence under the influence

SOGI (*) harassment

Psychological/physical harassment, such as discriminative speech/behavior and violence, involving someone’s sexual orientation/gender identity as well as “outing,” in which one exposes someone else’s sexuality without consent.

(*) Abbreviation for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

While “LGBT” refers to specific sexual minority “people (categories),” “SOGI” refers to “affiliations” that involve everyone.

Issues involving gender/sex

Sexual violence and sexual consent

Any sexual speech or behavior that the other party does not desire, regardless of physical contact, is sexual violence. This includes not only raping and groping but also sexual harassment on SNS, dating abuse, and sexual activities without contraceptive devices. Always gain “sexual consent” and respect each other’s wishes.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases, which are transmitted through sexual activities, are less prone to exhibiting subjective symptoms. By the time one notices such symptoms, he/she may have spread the disease to other people. Have the correct knowledge and seek diagnosis at a medical institution in case of concerns in order to protect not only yourself but also your partner.

Proper use of bicycles

Revision of the “regulations on the promotion of safe and proper use of bicycles in Tokyo”

The “regulations on the promotion of safe and proper use of bicycles in Tokyo” was revised as of April 1, 2020.

Note that it is now compulsory to take out insurance for damage compensation, etc. if you ride a bicycle in Tokyo.

Check the details from the link below (Office for Promotion of Citizen Safety website).

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