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Caution about drugs

Do you think you are not affected by drugs? In reality, there are endless drug-related rumors. Regardless of intentions, anyone can potentially be harmed by drugs. Now that incidents caused by drug abuse are so common, please take a moment and rethink the danger of drugs as a close-to-home issue.

Drug abuse is punished severely by the law

Drug abuse by university students is becoming more and more common in recent years. “Drugs” include not only marijuana, stimulants, magic mushrooms, and paint thinner but also substances like “kiken” (dangerous) drugs, which are sold in stores and on the internet under the names of “legal drug,” “non-controlled herb,” etc. Possessing/using, purchasing, or selling such drugs are strictly regulated by the law. In case of a violation, you will not only be severely punished as a drug-related criminal but also be subject to strict dispositions from the university, including expulsion.

"Kiken" (dangerous) drugs that are becoming a social issue

Some “kiken” (dangerous) drugs are sold under a disguise, such as “herb,” “incense,” “bath salt,” and “aroma.” In reality, these are dangerous and illegal drugs that have the same or greater level of pharmacological effects as stimulants and marijuana. In some cases, it can result in the death of the user. Not only that, they can turn into incidents/accidents involving the people around you. These drugs are becoming a social issue.

Do not trust words such as “legal” and “safe.” Refuse any drug ever offered to you.

Various problems caused by drug addiction

Drug addiction slowly accelerates when you start using drugs. Drug addiction is a chronic abnormal state of the brain and is the condition in which you cannot self-control the craving and use drugs even if you want to stop using them. There is no medicine (cure) to control this craving as of now. It is thought that the brain cannot go back to its original state once it becomes addicted to drugs. And it not only harms your own health but also negatively affects the people around you and the entire society.

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