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Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association provides support for the cost of health checkups for members when they receive checkups from the contracted hospitals on the right (Okazaki Clinic/Daido Hospital/Seihoku Clinic/Honjo Clinic) upon application as follows. Please utilize the system.

In addition, the “Student Regular Health Checks” performed every fiscal year at the Health Support Center targets all students. Due to this, be sure to undergo the checkups once a year regardless of whether or not you have undergone checkups using this health checkup coverage system.

*If the “health checkup certificate” issued by the university is required, you must undergo the “Student Regular Health Checks” at the Health Support Center. (If you only undergo health checkups by an external medical institute, the university shall not be able to issue the “health checkup certificate.”)

1) Health Checkup Coverage

If you undergo health checkups at one of the applicable contracted hospitals during the “coverage period” below, up to 3,000 yen per academic year shall be provided as “health checkup coverage” upon application.

2) Coverage period

12 months from April 1 to March 31

3) Application method and application deadline

Fill out the items to be filled out by the student in the “Health checkup coverage application,” submit it to the contracted hospital where you undergo health checkups. Have them fill out the required items, and present your Student ID and submit the application to the reception counter by the 10th day of the third month after the checkup month (next weekday if the 10th is a Saturday/Sunday/holiday).

(Refer to Application deadline for deadline details.)

*The “Health Checkup Coverage application” is always available at applicable contracted hospitals, so you do not need to bring one.

(Example) Application deadline is December 10 if you undergo checkups in September (from September 1 through September 30).

However, if the office is closed on December 10, the following business day shall be the submission deadline.

Refer to Application deadline for details.

4) Provision method of health checkup coverage

The Health Checkup Coverage shall be transferred to the “account under the student’s name” registered on MyWaseda in the same manner as medical fee reimbursement. While the transfer day depends on the “application” submission timing, it shall be transferred in the middle of the month (10th through 20th) two months after the visit month if the application was submitted by the 10th of the month following the visit.

5) Health checkup implementation situation in contracted hospitals

If you wish to undergo health checkups, be sure to make a reservation in advance by telephone.

*For the health checkup items, confirm with each hospital when making the reservation.

6) Summary

Step 1

Make a reservation at one of the applicable contracted hospitals by phone.

*Be sure to inform them at the time of reservation that you are a Waseda University student and that you would like to receive health checkup coverage by the Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association

Step 2

Bring your Student ID to the contracted hospital on the day of the reservation and undergo checkups. (Be sure to present your Student ID at the reception counter)

Step 3

Pay the fee after the checkups and have the required items filled out in the “Health checkup coverage application,” which is always available in contracted hospitals.

Step 4

Submit the “Health checkup coverage application” to the Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association office (1F of the Student Center) by the submission deadline. (*You may also apply by mail)

Step 5

The transfer shall be made to the account registered as the “account under the student’s name” on MyWaseda in the middle of the month following the month in which the application was submitted to the counter (middle of the month two months after the submission of the application was submitted after the 10th).

In case of any inconsistency between the Japanese version and the English version, the Japanese version shall prevail.

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