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Cautions regarding drinking

While the law allows drinking after you turn 20, you are simultaneously required to have a sense of responsibility and follow the rules regarding drinking.

A little carelessness and lack of attention can cause harm on not only yourself but also people you are drinking with.

Learn the correct knowledge regarding drinking, and drink in moderation while following the rules.

Alcohol harassment and violence

One of the major symptoms of intoxication is that you become uninhibited. Never force someone to drink in a group, intentionally make someone lose consciousness, act violently under the influence, etc.

These actions and violence that can be regarded as alcohol harassment can fully be subject to punishment.

Misconception regarding alcohol tolerance

The idea that you have a “high tolerance for alcohol” may result in serious incidents. Someone with a high tolerance for alcohol is less prone to becoming sick, resulting in drinking excessively. This means that the person is that much more prone to organopathy due to alcohol and acute alcohol poisoning. Furthermore, you can never grow your tolerance for alcohol no matter how much you drink. Revise your overconfidence and misconception regarding alcohol.

Drinking and driving/underage drinking

Drinking and driving/underage drinking are illegal. Offenders are given harsh penalties. Underage drinking and forcing someone to drink are prohibited by the law. If you violate this law, you and relevant parties on site may be legally responsible. In recent years, we have been receiving strict instructions from outside of the university regarding drinking-related manners.

On the other hand, within the university, you will be punished as a student or a circle. Be aware of your status as a Waseda University student and act appropriately.

Harmful drinking/ikki-nomi (chugging your entire drink in one gulp)

When you drink a lot within a short period of time, you skip feeling tipsy or feeling good and jump straight to brain paralysis. You can even become unconscious by the time you notice it. It is also extremely dangerous to throw up and keep drinking. While alcohol is mostly absorbed in your intestines, the absorption speed is fast. More alcohol than you realize is being absorbed into your body.

As a member of the community

In areas near campuses, local residents and students have coexisted for a long time through mutual trust and respect. While you are Waseda University students, you are also members of the community. Let us always conduct ourselves in ways that are appropriate for Waseda University students who are loved and trusted by the local residents.

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