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Waseda Culture & Art Festival

「Waseda Culture & Art Festival The “Waseda Culture & Art Festival” is an event that started in 2010. With the support of the Student Affairs Section and the Cultural Affairs Division of Waseda University, students take the lead to plan/formulate this event. Participating circles (official circles) demonstrate the achievements of their regular activities. The seismic repair work for Okuma Auditorium was completed, so the event can be held in Okuma Auditorium in AY2020 for the first time in 2 years.
Please apply for the festival, as this is a major spring event in Waseda that is as great as the Waseda Festival in fall.

Recruitment for “AY2020 Waseda Culture & Art Festival”

Circles that wish to participate in the “AY2020 Waseda Culture & Art Festival” must file an application by using the application form (2-level application) you can find on MyWaseda.

See the application guidelines for the procedure details.(Japanese Only)

Due to its public offering nature, we will inform you of the selection as soon as the participating circles are decided.

Circles whose participation has been decided must submit the Written pledge for participation(Japanese Only).

Application due

  • 1st level: January 31 (Fri), 2020 (Application period has been extended)
  • 2nd level: February 3 (Mon), 2020 (Application period has been extended)

Host: Student Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division/Cultural Affairs Division, Cultural Planning Section
Please contact Student Affairs Section counter #3 on 1F of the Waseda University Student Center for inquiries.
E-mail:[email protected]

Event summary

Event summary for AY2020 shall be as follows.

  • June 1 (Mon) through June 7 (Sun)
    Exhibition at Waseda Gallery
  • June 1 (Mon) through June 12 (Fri)
    Exhibition at the show window of Building 27
  • June 5 (Mon) through June 12 (Fri)
    Exhibition in Okuma Auditorium lobby
  • June 5 (Fri) through June 7 (Sun)
    Omnibus performance at Okuma Main Auditorium
  • June 8 (Mon) through June 11 (Thu)
    Single performance at Okuma Main Auditorium

*See the program below for the participating circles and time schedule details of last year.


[Reference] The 10th Waseda Culture & Art Festival program(Japanese Only)

Waseda Weekly special features (Articles related to AY2019 “10th Waseda Culture & Art Festival”):
Jazz, juggling, and tap & cheer dancing High level art festival of Waseda(Japanese Only)

Waseda Weekly special features (Articles related to AY2018 “9th Waseda Culture & Art Festival”):
Festival that showcases the Waseda power Official circles come together for the Waseda Culture & Art Festival (Japanese Only)

In case of any inconsistency between the Japanese version and the English version, the Japanese version shall prevail.

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