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Basic Rules for Extracurricular Activities

Waseda University, with its rich diversity, has long been engaged in a wide variety of extracurricular activities and has a huge number and variety of circles.

Not only in classes and research, but also in voluntary circle activities, students with various values and backgrounds have achieved great growth through mutual understanding and friendly rivalry, and Waseda University actively supports such extracurricular activities.

There are three types of circles: university “Official Circles,” of which there are about 500, “Registered (unofficial) Circles,” and “Unregistered groups”. Regardless of whether or not your circle is officially recognized by the university, it is essential that you observe social rules and manners when engaging in circle activities so as not to damage your credibility as a Waseda University student.

Specific precautions are summarized in “Basic Rules for Circle Activities and Other Extracurricular Activities (2021)” below. Please check them carefully.

While observing the rules and manners, please engage in circle activities to the fullest and develop yourself while fostering a spirit of independence and self-reliance.

Each circle’s activity plan must include emergency responses, measures to prevent accidents, and preliminary information to ensure the safety of circle members. However, in order to avoid panic in the event of an actual injury or accident, please refer to the “Safety measure checklist” below and take sufficient safety measures on a regular basis.

1.Official circles

There are currently approximately 500 circles that are official with the university. Official circles can receive a number of services from the university, including the use of facilities (such as club rooms/shared classrooms in the Student Center, conference rooms/various practice rooms, etc.), application for extracurricular activity subsidiary aids, priority distribution of Circle Recruitment Week booths, etc.

Official circle categories

  • Student Associations
  • Student Tomonkai
  • Common Interest Associations
  • Circles Affiliated with NPO’s, etc.
  • Faculty-Approved Organizations

2.Registered (unofficial) circles

Circles whose application and registration with the university have been completed but have not satisfied the establishment requirements for official circles. By registering, circles can receive benefits, such as lending classrooms and the use of the lounge and booths during the Circle Recruitment Week period.

Even if your circle is not going to be officially recognized, please register your circle information with the university using the application form on MyWaseda.

3.Unregistered groups

n addition to official circles and registered (unofficial) circles, there are unregistered groups that promote activities under the name of Waseda University. Unregistered groups cannot use classrooms in the Student Center or Circle Recruitment Week booths in principle.

Even if your circle is not going to be officially recognized, please register your circle information with the university using the application form on MyWaseda.

In case of any inconsistency between the Japanese version and the English version, the Japanese version shall prevail.

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