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Circle type

At Waseda University, there are approximately 500 official circles and a number of other circles, covering a wide range of genres from cultural types to sport types.

1.Official circles

There are currently approximately 500 circles that are official with the university. Official circles can receive a number of services from the university, including the use of facilities (such as club rooms/shared classrooms in the Student Center, conference rooms/various practice rooms, etc.), application for extracurricular activity subsidiary aids, priority distribution of Circle Recruitment Week booths, etc.

Official circle categories

  • Student Associations
  • Student Tomonkai
  • Common Interest Associations
  • Circles Affiliated with NPO’s, etc.
  • Faculty-Approved Organizations

2.Registered (unofficial) circles

Circles whose application and registration with the university have been completed but have not satisfied the establishment requirements for official circles. By registering, circles can receive benefits, such as lending classrooms and the use of the lounge and booths during the Circle Recruitment Week period.

3.Unregistered groups

n addition to official circles and registered (unofficial) circles, there are unregistered groups that promote activities under the name of Waseda University. Unregistered groups cannot use classrooms in the Student Center or Circle Recruitment Week booths in principle.

Groups other than official circles must submit the “Circle registration (unofficial) application”!

Document to submit

Circle registration (unofficial) application (Click here to download)
*Be sure to print both sides.

Submit to:

Student Affairs Section counter #3

In case of any inconsistency between the Japanese version and the English version, the Japanese version shall prevail.

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