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Manners in public

In areas near campuses, local residents and students have coexisted for a long time. Now that you have become a Waseda University student, be aware of your status as a member of the community. Always be sure not to violate manners by being carried away in the atmosphere. Let us always be the kind of Waseda University students who are loved and trusted by the local residents.

Prohibition of gathering around Takadanobaba Station and in front of BIG BOX

The university prohibits gathering in the traffic circle of Takadanobaba Station and in front of BIG BOX by the unit of circle, class, or seminar. Be sure to be creative when gathering, such as using venues or campus when gathering. Especially during the period in which new students are recruited, the university receives many complaints that students cause trouble to the general pedestrians every year. Areas around Takadanobaba Station and in front of BIG BOX are public places. Follow social rules and manners so people’s trust in Waseda students is not damaged. The Student Affairs Section patrols Takadanobaba Station during the Circle Recruitment Week period. If it is confirmed during a patrol that a circle gathered in such locations, the said circle shall not be given a circle recruitment booth in the following year. We urge students to be aware that they are members of the community surrounding the university and to strictly refrain from actions with no regard for others.

When you walk from the Student Center to the Takadanobaba direction, walk via the main streets.

We have been receiving many complaints from the local residents regarding students (such as talking in loud voices and walking using the entire width of the road) walking through residential areas when going from the Student Center to Takadanobaba, so be sure to walk via the main streets. We urge each and every one of you to walk the main streets, such as Suwa-dori, and be sure not to be a nuisance.

“Baba walk” with light steps!

When you are walking through Waseda-dori connecting Takadanobaba Station and Waseda Campus, do you sometimes lose yourself in conversation with your friends, talk loudly, and walk out onto the street? Some people are only paying attention to their smartphone and not seeing the surrounding area at all. These actions are not limited to Waseda-dori, but please start trying to see your own actions in an objective manner if any of the above actions sound familiar. You will probably realize that you are a nuisance to someone without realizing it.

Manner violations that we want to avoid

  • Being loud while using public transportation, such as trains
  • Illegally parking bicycles in the area
  • Conducting prohibited actions (such as playing ball games) in parks
  • Occupying streets and parks for meetings
  • Thoughtlessly eating and drinking with no regard for the surroundings
  • Walk through residential areas at night while talking loudly

What it means to smoke

The number of smokers is decreasing every year. One of the main reasons is its impact on health. Toxic substances in cigarette smoke, such as carcinogenic substances, damage the health of not only the smoker but also the smoker’s family and close friends due to second-hand smoke. Do you still want to start or continue smoking? If you are a freshman or sophomore, take a moment to remember that underage smoking is prohibited by the law.

When your hand reaches for a cigarette, please discipline yourself and think about others.

Street smoking is prohibited in the entire Shinjuku-ward

The Shinjuku-ward, which contains Waseda campus, etc., prohibits street smoking in the entire ward, excluding the smoking areas designated by the ward mayor.

Separation of smoking and non-smoking areas on campus

In Waseda University, we strictly separate smoking and non-smoking areas. All areas other than the specified smoking areas, including outdoors/classrooms/lounges, are non-smoking.

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