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Disciplinary action

Light heartedness can lead to heavy disciplinary action

Every organization has its own set of rules to follow, and if you violate those rules, you will be punished accordingly. In the case of the national government, the Constitution, the Civil Code, the Penal Code, and other laws define the rules that must be followed as citizens, and violations of these rules will be punished according to the crime.

In the case of student life at Waseda University, students are obligated to follow the “Waseda University School Regulation (早稲田大学学則) “, which is equivalent to the Constitution, and the “Regulations on extracurricular activities (課外活動等に関する規定)”, which stipulates the rules to be followed in daily student life. In the event of a violation of these regulations, disciplinary action will be imposed.

Waseda University’s disciplinary actions for violations are, in order of severity, ” Withdrawal “, “Suspension”, and ” Reprimand “. In the case of Suspension, “measures associated with the suspension” will be taken.

It is impossible to specify in advance what kind of punishment will be imposed in which case, because there are various factors that may have led to the infraction, and the content of the punishment will be determined based on a comprehensive assessment of these factors. However, to give a concrete example without fear of misunderstanding, a student may be withdrawn from school for possession or use of illegal drugs, or suspended from school for cheating on exams, injury, or destruction of property.

Disciplinary actions are taken in order for students to deeply reflect on their violations and regain their awareness and pride as Waseda University students. However, it is critically important to avoid committing such violations. Waseda University has been warning students in various ways from the time they enter the university in order to prevent such situations from occurring. This web site is one of them.

If you are subject to disciplinary action, it means that the plans you made for your student life at the time of enrollment will be greatly disrupted. This is something that should never happen. Everything you do as a Waseda University student is within the bounds of common sense. On the other hand, there is no such thing as being allowed to do something because you are a Waseda University student. What you do in a light-hearted manner may have serious consequences. Please always be aware of the rules that you should follow, and lead a meaningful student life.

Measures to be taken when a student is suspended

① Retention of the student ID card at the associated department
② Prohibition of attending school
③ Prohibition of extracurricular activities and athletic activities
④ Prohibition of using Waseda University facilities (library, student center, etc.)
⑤ Prohibition of course registration
⑥ Full repayment of all internal scholarships for the current academic year. (For scholarships from Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), private foundations, etc., it will be at the discretion of each organization.

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