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【Student Recruitment】Model United Nations 2020 on March from 2 to 6, 2020 at Moscow State University

As Waseda University has received it’s request from the partner university, we would like to distribute the information among our Waseda students in order to support their recruitment activities. If you are interested in the program, please directly contact to the administrative staff of the program:  [email protected]

Of note is the fact that you have to pay accommodation and participation fees as well as a round-trip air-tickets and overseas insurance fees on you own. This program is operated by the partner university and Waseda won’t support you at all at any stages. You have to join this program at your risk.

The following context from the MSUMUN 2020 Secretary-General, Mr or Ms Evgeny Sevastyanov,  will inform you of the details of the program.

“On behalf of the Moscow State University I am pleased to invite students of your University to participate in an academic activity – Model United Nations 2020. The Model is to take place in Moscow on March from 2 to 6, 2020 at Moscow State University.
Since its creation, the MSUMUN has offered its participants an unprecedented experience of engaging in simulated United Nations activities, including crisis committees, peace negotiations, decision-making bodies. We give our delegates an opportunity to conduct researches and then debate on different topics by representing a certain position: a member-state, organizations and even political figures. The MSUMUN is located in the first Russian University founded in 1755 in Moscow, one of the most beautiful and interesting cities to discover in the whole world.”

from CIE, Waseda University



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