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The School of Social Sciences (Bldg.14) offers the following facilities.

Classrooms (1st – 6th Floor)

From a large lecture hall which can hold almost 750 students to rooms designed for small groups, there are many different types of classrooms. All classrooms are air-conditioned. (Some classes are held in other buildings at the Waseda Campus.)

Seminar Locker Room (1st Floor)

Each seminar is provided with lockers. There are also photocopy machines that can be used with the prepaid cards sold at the library and the students’ reading room.

Co-op Shop (1st Floor)

The Co-op shop sells light meals and beverages. Stationary and sanitary goods are also available. Besides, at lunchtime, lunch boxes and fresh bread from bakeries are sold on carts.

Seminar Bulletin Board (beside the 3rd Floor Foyer Entrance)

Each seminar can use one section of the bulletin board. Students can use it for the purposes of their communication regarding the seminars, etc.

Foyer (3rd Floor)

There is a foyer connected to classroom 201 on the 2nd Floor of Bldg.14. It is sun-flooded and open space. Many students come here to study, discuss the topics on their seminars, or just enjoy chatting.

Administrative Office, Faculty of Social Sciences (3rd Floor)

The Administrative Office handles the issuance of various certificates as well as providing support for student life and study. Please visit us at any time to consult about student life or any other concerns.

Students Reading Room (Study Hall) (4th Floor)

This room has no books but only desks and chairs. You can use it for reading and studying by yourself.

Student Computer Room (6th Floor)

This room has approximately 100 PCs available. You can use this room at any time except when it is used for classes.

Student Reading Room (7th Floor)

There are approximately 41,000 books in this library. The collection includes books in the field of social science, closely related to the content of the courses and other materials necessary for learning. Please use this room along with the Central Library, Campus Libraries and other Undergraduate Reading Rooms. DVDs can be viewed in this room.

Life at Waseda

Student Support

(1) Class Academic Advisor System

The class academic advisor assigned to your class can provide guidance and advice regarding problems relating to student life, or details of learning methods. Since one teacher is assigned to each class in the undergraduate school, do not hesitate to approach them for consultation.

(2) Office Hours

The office hour system is a program where teachers in faculty offices, etc. separately offer support (a) in response to a student’s class or research concerns or (b) life counseling for students assigned to the teacher’s class. For the office hours assigned to specific year levels, please refer to the “Contact Information and Office Hours” section at the end of School Study Guide

(3) Student Counseling Room at the Health Support Center (6th floor, Bldg. 25-2)

The Student Counseling Room will offer counseling on any subject, including course enrollment, transfer from a different school, major, or class, career paths, legal issues, health issues, and mental health issues (person-to-person relationships, personality problems, and so on).

(4) Career Center (Toyama Campus, 3rd floor, Student Union Building)

The Career Center offers comprehensive support for thinking about future plans (including work opportunities). User registration is required in order to use the “Career Compass” providing guidelines for each student thinking about career plans. For details, see the Career Center website.

(5) Information Room at Center for International Education (3rd floor, Bldg. 22)

Waseda University Center for International Education (CIE) provides various information and support for international students’ life at Waseda University. At CIE, all the information and services necessary for your life in Japan, such as livelihood support for international students, various kinds of applications, the medical fee assistance system, etc., and general information on study abroad programs or useful information for short-term study abroad programs, are provided.

(6) Student Affairs Section (Toyama Campus, 1st floor, Student Union Building)

The Student Affairs Section provides explanations of procedures and information with respect to club activities, introductions to part-time jobs, and other items related to student life at Waseda University.

(7) Disabled Students Services Center (1st floor, Bldg. 7)

The Disabled Students Services Center answers questions and engages in various activities to provide support for physically disabled students. The office also recruits and registers people who want to volunteer to assist disabled persons.

(8) Support for other extracurricular activities

Other support groups include the Athletic Center (Toyama Campus) for overseeing physical education activities, the International Community Center, aka ICC (1st floor, Bldg. 7) for students with interest in cross-cultural exchanges and interaction, and the Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Center, aka WAVOC (Bldg. 201-39) for providing a volunteer activities network.



Health Management

(1) Health Support Center, Health Care Room (1st floor, Bldg. 25)

Waseda University performs health examinations for all students in the spring of each year. Information centered on these health examinations as well as information on daily health management are collected at the Health Care Room to assist each student in health management during their years at Waseda. Medical Examination Certificates, which are required for job-seeking activities, etc., are issued only for students who have taken this health examination.

(2) Health Support Center, Clinic (2nd floor, Bldg. 25-2)

The Clinic offers services in general internal medicine, general surgery, and orthopedic surgery. Since the clinical department accepting students changes depending on the day of the week, be sure to check the Health Support Center bulletin board or website for suitable days.

(3) Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association

If a student needs treatment for an illness or injury, and the treatment location is an insurance medical institution, the Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association will refund part (with self-pay for the remainder) or all of medical expenses paid there. There is a required procedure for applying for refunds. Read carefully the Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association Guidebook.

(4) Personal Accident Insurance for Student Pursuing Education and Research

The purpose of Personal Accident Insurance for Student Pursuing Education and Research is to reduce the financial burden resulting from injury impediment, or death of a student due to an accident occurring during study. In order to be covered by this insurance for accidents occurring during extracurricular activities, a designated form must be submitted in advance.

Useful Information for International Students

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