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Housing Support Services for International Students

The following housing support services are available to international students of Waseda University.
(As of April 2020)

  1. “International Student Special Rate” for Waseda International Dormitories (WID) and Waseda Recommended Dormitories.
    “International Student Special Rate” is available for international students at WID (only for rooms type-A) and Waseda Recommended Dormitories.
    *Please refer to “Fees” for the details.
    *Contact: Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. Tel: 03-5295-7791
  2. Information and application for Company Housings *Please apply after entering Japan
  3. Information and application for Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC) *Please apply after entering Japan
  4. Information and application for “Assuran Scholarship Student House” or “Isono Scholarship Foundation Student Dormitory”


Students are eligible to receive only one of the above four services while enrolled.

  • Regarding 1, in case a student moves out the dormitory once because of studying abroad and so on, it is still available to move back in the same dormitory again with “International Student Special Rate.”
  • Regarding 3, it will be available to apply for TIEC even you have already received one of other three services above (1-4).Please be notified, the application acceptance depends on the vacancy of TIEC.
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