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It is possible to access some of the papers previously published on Waseda Studies in Social Sciences in PDF form. Those that received permission from the author are available on the Waseda University Repository ([email protected] University.)

Notes on the Use of the Waseda Studies in Social Sciences website

Some of the papers can be accessed in PDF form. If you want to open a PDF file in a new window, please use Adobe Acrobat Reader

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  1. The copyrights of the contents made public on the Waseda Studies in Social Sciences website are the property of the respective authors and are protected by copyright laws and international treaties.
  2. Users are allowed to download and print materials with the legitimate purpose of individual research and study. However, in certain cases, access to materials may be restricted.
  3. Without prior approval by the Society of Social Sciences, Waseda University, users are not allowed to handle contents for any other purpose than personal use; duplication, distribution or modification of contents will be considered acts of copyright infringement. If you incur in malicious violation of these rules, you will be subject to punishments by law, so please use the site earnestly.
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