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Tutorial System

When your supervisor or your faculty office considers it necessary, he or she will select one of the students in his/her seminar will be selected as your tutor in order to help you with your Japanese or specialized field of study.

This is called “tutorial system” and it is available only for international students newly admitted to undergraduate / graduate schools and the professional program (e.c MBA course) for the period of one year.

If you feel the need to have a tutor, please ask your departmental office.

Medical Expenses Assitance

Medical Expenses Assistance Scheme for Foreign Students
International students at Waseda are covered by the following medical insureance schemes:

1.National Health Insurance

Foreign students who remain in Japan for more than three months must register for the National Health Insurance or Kokumin Kenkou Hoken at the National Health Insurance Section of the municipal office where they have obtained their Foreign Resident Registration Certificates. If you are registered with this type of insurance, the insurance will cover 70-80% of your medical bills. However, please note that some medical treatment is not covered (e.g. medical checkup, cosmetic surgery, child birth and traffic accident). If you are going to receive treatment from medical establishments, which accept National Health Insurance, please be sure to take your National Health Insurance Certificate with you. If you need further information or assistance, please contact the National Health Insurance Section of the ward or municipal office nearest to your residence.

2.Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association

(※ Starting in April 2008, “Waseda University Student Health Insurance Association” will be renamed “Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association”.)

In principle, this scheme covers all the remaining expenses, which were not covered by the above schemes. To apply, please visit the Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association office, located at Student Center (1st floor).

Student Health office

[TEL] 03-3203-4349

Total amount for the medical carethe National Health Insurance Law is applicable
1.Amount Coveredby National Health Insurance
Your Payment
2.Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association①

① Up to About 100% of your payment will be reimbursed by Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association. (Application at the Student Health promotion Mutual Aid Association In the Student Center.)

In Case of Emergency & Points of Caution

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