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TAISI Admission for September Entry

TAISI Admission for September 2018 Entry


Time of Enrollment
September 2018

Grade Year of Entry
1st year university student
* SSS does not admit second or third year transfer students.

Number of Students to be admitted
40 students

Screening Method
– Document Screening
– Online Interview (if deemed necessary)

Application Documents
– Application form
– Essay
– Certificate of (expected) graduation
– Academic transcript
– Recommendation letter
– Certification of university entrance qualification examination/ standardized tests
– Score card of English language proficiency test
* Please refer to the application guidelines for more information.

Timeline and Important Dates


Application Form

The Application Form must be prepared and printed via an online application system (the Waseda Online Admissions Application). To do so, please create a Waseda Online Admissions Application account from the following website:

Application Guidelines and Materials


TAISI Admission for April Entry

TAISI Admission for April Entry will begin from April 2019, and the detail will be updated by June 2018.

Admission for Domestic Applicants (April Entry)

Please click here and find “グローバル入試” (in Japanese only).

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