Health Support Center

The Health Support Center, designed to help you live a mentally and physically healthy student life, create a foundation for a healthy body, and learn to take control of your own health throughout your entire life span, provides the following facilities.

Student counseling room
(Building No.25-2 6th floor, TEL:03-3203-4449)

English counseling available. Schedule varies depends on school year. Please ask for details.

Student Counseling Room 9:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 17:00, Monday through Friday
9:00 to 13:00, Saturday

While at university, you will grow greatly in mind and spirit. At the same time, however, you may encounter various problems and worry about them. In such a case, you can visit the Student Counseling Room to consult a counselor. This room provides a place where you can think over your problems, or receive necessary information. It may cooperate with other related bodies, as required, to help you grow and solve your problems as suites you best.

Instructors can give you advice on educational problems; psychological counselors or clinical psychotherapists on mental problems or on your future in general; and lawyers on legal problems. Appointment is required.Please call or visit us during our office hours to schedule your appointment. The Waseda Campus,the Toyama Campus, the Nishiwaseda Campus, and the Tokorozawa Campus also have branches where you can ask for advice on mental problems or on your future in general. For more information, refer to the pamphlet of the Health Support Center.

Mental health-care room
(Building No.25-2 5th floor, TEL:03-5286-8743)

Mental health counseling
13:30 to 15:40, Monday through Friday [appointment only]

Medical examination and treatment room
(Building No.25-2 3rd floor, TEL:03-5286-3984) For emergency cases at the university

A doctor will examine you if you have had a fever or diarrhea for some time, are suffering lower back pain or a sprain, or are injured. You can also undergo different tests or x-ray examinations (A consultation fee will be charged). First aid can be given without charge for slight scratches or bruises. Visit the clinic any time you are injured or become ill on campus. You will be referred to an appropriate medical facility as required. Consultation hours are as follows;

Medical 10:00 to 12:40 and 14:30 to 17:10, Monday through Friday
10:00 to 12:10, Saturday

Reception and Payment
(Building No.25-2 2nd floor, TEL:03-3202-0580)

To see a doctor in the health care room or in the clinic, you should first present your health insurance certificate, and afterward pay the charge for consultation in the same way as at a general hospital. Be sure to give your name at the reception desk on the 2nd floor before you see a doctor. (Full-time students can receive benefits from health insurance for students.)

Health Care Room
(Building No.25 1st floor, TEL:03-5286-9800)

This is where students undergo a regular health checkup in the spring. In addition, doctors and public health nurses are available to give advice on your mental or physical health throughout the year.

Gynecological consultation
12:30 to 14:45, every third Wednesday [appointment only]
Nutritional consultation
(national registered dietitian)
10:00 to 13:00, Wednesday (3rd Wednesday is excluded) [appointment only]
Physical health consultation
(doctor, public health nurse)
9:00 to 12:30, 13:30 to 17:00, Monday through Friday