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Academic Results and Graduation for CJSP Students

Grade Evaluations and Notification

For all courses, the requisite credits are awarded when student attendance is at least two-thirds of the total number of classes, and the total score from examinations, reports, and other points is judged to be a passing grade.

Grade Evaluation Table

Raw score 100 – 90 89 – 80 79 – 70 69 – 60 59 – 0
Grade report A+ A B C F
Transcript of Academic Record (Japanese) A+ A B C Not recorded
Transcript of Acedemic Record (English) A+ A B C Not recorded
Status Pass Fail

* Grade reports for the previous academic year might be sent to the student’s guarantors. If there is any change regarding guarantors, students should notify the school office of the change immediately.

The school office notifies all students the grades for fall semester courses before the start of the spring semester classes, and the grades for spring semester courses and spring/summer courses before the start of the fall semester classes.

Accelerated Graduation Program (graduating in three or three and a half years)

Accelerated graduation program is meant for outstanding students who meet the prescribed requirements and who are highly motivated to graduate in three or three and a half years rather than the mandatory 4 years to achieve the opportunity to quickly advance towards graduate school and/or to start their professional careers. The time of application and requirements are as noted below. For details, please refer to the link below.


Guideline of Accelerated Graduation for TAISI 2019 September Enrollees and 2019 April Enrollees


Dean’s List (Students with Excellent Grades)

Approval requirements
Students must meet all of the following requirements. (Students who have been reprimanded based on school regulations are not eligible for approval.)

1. Students must have earned credits counted towards graduation as shown below by the end of each year.
First Year Students: At least 34 credits* by the end of the first year
Second Year Students: At least 70 credits** by the end of the second year
Third Year Students: At least 100 credits by the end of the third year
Fourth Year Students: 124 credits or more by the end of the fourth year
(Note: Students exempted from taking Japanese may satisfy this requirement by earning prescribed credits from the Designated Courses from the School of Social Sciences General Program.)

2.Students must have achieved the highest GPA in their class
For the first, second, and third year students, only one student who has achieved the top GPA in their class for each school year will qualify. For the forth year students who have been approved of graduation, only one student who has achieved the top cumulative GPA in their class will qualify.
However, if the GPAs are the same, two or more students will be designated for this honor.

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