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Why SSS?

There is an old Chinese saying that an average doctor cures the disease, a good doctor cures the person, and a great doctor cures society.  The social sciences are a field that cures society.  We, the School of Social Sciences of Waseda University, seek to educate individuals who can contribute to the well-being and progress of all humans, who become great doctors.  As in the hospital, understanding today’s complex societies and prescribing cures for a society’s ills require that we view problems not only holistically, but also from different angles and that we observe, analyze, and predict future outcomes.  Since our school’s founding in 1966, we have fostered leaders who can understand and practically deal with social problems from a multidisciplinary perspective.

A renewal of our English-based degree program has led to the establishment of the Transnational and Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Innovation program (TAISI) in 2018.  Our school, building on our experience in the social sciences, has introduced a program that will create future “Social Innovators” who can find more effective, efficient, sustainable, and just solutions to society’s ills.

We hope to show the world not only what our school, but also what Japan as a nation, can contribute in solving the world’s problems.  Since courses will be conducted in English, students interested in Japan will no longer find the language barrier an obstacle.

As well as providing students with general knowledge in the Social Sciences via “Foundations in Social Sciences” courses, the program also offers four interdisciplinary fields students can choose from: Community and Social Development, Peace Building and International Cooperation, Economic and Environmental Sustainability, and Social Organizations and Working.

The purpose of the TAISI program is to study Japan’s successes and failures in the postwar period as well as look at global events and societal issues from a Japanese perspective.  We think that you will find difficult problems and heartrendingly sad events have occurred in Japan and around the world, but as citizens of the world we have an obligation to help people and cure the ills of society.  By analyzing Japan’s past, its successes and failures, and gathering these cases together, we will have an excellent reference for when similar occurrences happen elsewhere.  When we look at the entire globe, the problems become remotely vast and mind-bogglingly varied.  Yet we believe that we still have time to and can find ways to improve and help society.

Our school does not produce tangible products, such as automobiles or electrical appliances, but creates innovative policies and institutions that will ensure that society has a better future.  Please join us in our endeavors and we will make sure you have a fulfilling four years at Waseda.

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