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Issuance Fee: 300 yen per copy

*1 Issuance of these certificates should take about a week.  Should you have any questions about certificates other than the ones listed, please contact the school office.
*2 From 2016, “Concentrations” which was established in 2015, has changed its name to “Academic Categories.” However, for those who completed a Concentration, the issuance of a Certificate of Completion of Concentration is possible.
*3 The issuance of a Transcript of Academic Record/GPA is only possible for 2010 enrollees and after. For 2009 enrollees and before, GPA scores are not included and the Transcript of Academic Record/GPA cannot be issued.
For your reference, below is a notice explaining the situation above.
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Requesting a certificate after a name change

  • As a rule, certificates are only issued to alumni whose name matches the name used during his or her time as a student at Waseda University. If you have changed your name after graduation (due to marriage, etc.), you will need to submit your family register (koseki shouhon or koseki touhon) in order for us to confirm your identity. Copies of the family register are acceptable, but please note that once submitted, the documents will not be returned to you.

Request at the Counter

Those who graduated from the School of Social Sciences after September 1985 (as well as those who graduated from the Graduate School of Social Sciences) can obtain certificates from either the Waseda Portal Office (Waseda Campus, Building 7, 1st Floor) or the Faculty of Social Sciences Office (Waseda Campus, Building 14, 3rd Floor). Identification (driver’s license, health insurance card, passport, etc.) is required and once your identity has been confirmed, the requested certificate will be issued. Such measures are necessary in order to prevent the leakage of personal and private information, so we ask for your cooperation and understanding on this matter.

◎Office Hours◎

Waseda Portal Office Building 7, 1st Floor
When Classes are in Session (Mon.~Fri.)9:00~20:00、(Sat.)9:00~18:00
During Breaks and Holidays (Mon.~Fri.)9:00~18:00、(Sat.)Closed*
Telephone: 03-5286-9845

Faculty of Social Sciences Office Building 14, 3rd Floor
(Mon.~Fri. Sat.109:00~1617:00      ※
Telephone: 03-3204-8952

※Due to the spread of COVID-19, office hours have been changed. We appreciate for your understanding.
※The office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and holidays designated by the University.
※During Summer and Winter Vacation, the Office is closed on Saturdays.
Please note that requesting certificates during times the office is closed may result in a delay in the issuance and delivery of the requested certificate.
For the University Academic Calendar and the School of Social Sciences Academic Calendar, please click here.

Request by Post

We accept certificate requests by mail. Please send the following documents to us using the address listed below:

Waseda University, Faculty of Social Sciences Office, School Affairs
Address: Shinjuku-ku, Nishi-waseda 1-6-1, Tokyo 169-8050, Japan
TEL: 03-3204-8952

Required Documents

  1. Certificate Request Form
    Name ,birthdate, year and month of graduation (withdrawal), the number of copies needed, address, and telephone number.
    *If you would like the certificates signed and sealed inside an envelope, please indicate so on the form. Otherwise the certificates will be sent open and unsealed.
  2. Copy of driver’s license, health insurance card, passport, Individual Number Card (credit cards are not acceptable)
    *If submitting a copy of your Individual Number card, please send us a copy of the front only. Copies of the back side of the card, which contains your Social Security and Tax Number, cannot be accepted.
  3. Postal Money Order (purchasable at any post office) in JPY, total fee is dependent on how many certificates you are requesting (300 yen per copy)※Alumni living abroad will be unable to obtain a Postal Money Order and will need to find a representative living in Japan who can.  For information on how to designate someone as a proxy, please look at the “Request by Proxy” section above.
  4. Return Envelope(with postage stamps attached and return address clearly written. It is recommended that the envelope size be the largest one possible)
    *If you would like your certificates signed and sealed inside an envelope, the return envelope should be 216 x 277 mm (Catalog-sized) or larger.

Reference: Envelope sizes for return envelope & postage

Request by Proxy

If for whatever reason, the person requesting the certificate(s) cannot come to the office in person, delivery by mail is possible, as well as finding a proxy and having him or her submit the required document for you. In such a case, the following documents are required in addition:

  1. Proxy form (Seal or Signature required)
  2. Copy of the requester’s identification
  3. The proxy’s personal identification

Alumni Association

Waseda University Alumni Association (WUAA) has been working to enlarge its organization nationwide and worldwide since its 1885 inauguration which was the year after the first students of Waseda graduated from the university.

WUAA is managed by your participation and you are able to get involved in University operations through Alumni Association.

Delegates are elected from registered Tomonkai members and the board of representatives as WUAA’s supreme legislative organ is held by them.Core members are organizers chosen among Alumni as well.Committees are set up under the organizer convention that Chairperson and executive committee members participate in and argue passionately about activities on Alumni Association.

Join our worldwide Alumni network now. Please visit the website of the Association.

Waseda University Alumni Association‘s Website (in English)

Waseda University International Network (WiN)

Waseda University International Network, aka “WiN”, is an international network for those who have studied and/or researched at Waseda University. If you would you like to stay in touch with friends and classmates, or reconnect with old classmates and professors that you met at Waseda University, or make new contacts with others in your field, then enroll in the WiN to network with researchers and business people from diverse countries and regions around the world. There are no registration or membership fees.

Waseda University International Network‘s Website (in English)

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