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Japanese-based Degree Program


Short presentation footage of School of Social Sciences is available to get an overview of the SSS, featuring the existing Japanese-based Degree Program and useful information such as voices of international students.
Click on the left image to view the movie. (Approx. 6 min.)


New curriculum, placing greater emphasis on disciplinary and interdisciplinary approach


The School of Social Sciences has started providing a new curriculum that places greater emphases on disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches from 2009. Its goal is “to train students to express their point of view while communicating with others.” Our education system mainly consists of two courses, a new curriculum which places greater emphasis on transferable disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches for day classes in the basic education course of social sciences for freshmen and sophomores, and the interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary course for juniors and seniors. In the basic education course of social sciences, students learn basic methods and tools that are necessary for every study field, and the basic concepts of social sciences. In the interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary course, students do research on advanced disciplinary and interdisciplinary subjects. Our seminars act as a bridge between these two courses, and play central roles in the school credit system with small group education and learning.

For detailed information of the Japanese-based Degree Program offered by the School of Social Sciences, please check the following site.

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