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Application Forms

Applicable Party Contents Forms
Current Doctoral Students Research Progress Report
Research Performance Record
Research Progress Report
Research Performance Record
GSE Dean’s Award We will inform you of the details in late November.
Subsidies for Doctoral Students Details
Current Masters Student Master’s Thesis Details
All GSE Students Research Grants Application
Book Purchasing Online Requests
Notification of Absence and Special Consideration Request for Absence due to Bereavement Form
Proxy Form (for using a representative to submit documents to the office) Form
for handwriting
for PC
Working Paper Series (WEWORP) Paper Submission Form
(needs approval of research supervisor)
Letter of Consent
Waseda University Graduate School of Economics (Bulletin) We temporarily stop accepting applications for 『早稲田経済学研究』 (Waseda Economics Studies). Please consider applying for 『早稲田政治経済学雑誌』 (Waseda Journal of Political Science and
Economics). We will inform you of the details in November.
Application for Changing Research Supervisor Application
*【For changing your supervisor after your 2nd semester】

Grant-in-aid for Students' Researches

Subsidize transportation, accommodation, academic society meeting participation, and printing and binding expenses for academic conferences sponsored by the Science Council of Japan or international academic conferences and symposia sponsored by international academic societies. Use “Grant-in-aid for Students’ Researches” for them.

1.Eligible Expenses
・General Subsidy will be used.
・Maximum amount is 70,000 yen per (international) academic conference or symposium (actual expenses)  and GSE provides actual expenses. GSE provides a subsidy to each student once per academic year for an (international) academic conference or symposium. Please be aware that GSE provides a subsidy two or more times per academic year if his/her budget in the end of December is enough.

2.Eligible Students
Regular GSE students (except research assistants) who attend conferences sponsored by academic societies of the Science Council of Japan or international academic conferences and symposia sponsored by international academic societies as board members.
Please be aware that they cannot receive a double subsidy.

3.Selection Process
Applicants will be selected in order of submission. Please be aware that applicants must meet the requirements and submit the following documents.

4.Selection Time
GSE can make a selection at any time. Maximum number of recipients is 10 students (10 matters) per academic year. Please submit the following documents by the end of January of the academic year.

5.Application Time
Applicants are required to submit the following documents one month before departure after deciding to participate in an academic conference as a presenter (applying for subsidies after conferences is not acceptable).

6.How to Apply
Applicants who will participate in academic conferences as presenters and want to receive subsidies are required to submit the following documents:

1) Application Documents

Documents Details
Application Format of Grant-in-aid for Students’ Researches Designated Form
Business Trip Application 1) For Travel Short Distances  (within 80 km)
Please refer to Designated Form
and fill in the form and submit it.
2) For a long-distance trip (more than 80 km)
Please refer to the following documents and use “e-Trip (business trip system).”
e-Trip Quick Start Guide for Applicants
e-Trip Operating Manual for Applicants
Program for Academic Conferences Materials showing that you are attending as a research paper presenter or speaker, and the date and venue of the conference. A photocopy is also acceptable.
Presentation Resume (1 copy) e.g. PPT materials
Overseas Travel Insurance
Application Form
GSE provides insurance. Applicants are required to apply for insurance if they submit a “Request for Overseas Trip.”
*Receipt of Air Fare Only for the air fare
*Boarding Pass Only for the air fare
*Receipt of Accommodations Cost
*Research Trip Report Designated Form

*Please submit the documents as soon as possible after the conference.
Application documents conform to.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Recipients are required to submit a “Research Trip Report” (designated form) and must seek to publish research results.

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