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Regulations, Application Forms

Application Forms

Applicable Party Contents Forms
Doctorate Applicants
(including Dissertion  doctorates)
Interim reporting session Application for Interim reporting session (Ms-Word)
Thesis Abstract (Ms-Word)
Oath of Observance of Academic Research Ethics (PDF)
On-demand Contents Viewing Certificate (PDF)
Application for a Docurate Application for Doctorate (for a Curriculum Doctorate)(Ms-Word)
Application for Doctorate (for a Dissertation Doctor)(Ms-Word)
Resume (Ms-Excel)
Confirmation letter from the supervisor (PDF)
Letter of Consent (Ms-Word)
Current Doctoral Students Research Progress Report
Research Performance Record
Research Progress Report(Ms-Word)
Research Performance Record(Ms-Word)
GSE Dean’s Award Application (PDF)(only for Doctoral students)
Informartion for The AY2018 Graduate School of Economics Dean’s Academic Prize
Subsidies for Doctoral Students For detail, click here !
Current Masters Student Master’s Thesis For details,ckick here !
All GSE Students Research Grants Application (Ms-Word)
Book Purchasing Application (Ms-Excel)
Letter of Proxy (for using a representative to submit documents to the office) Letter of Proxy (PDF)
Working Paper Series (WEWORP) Paper Submission Form (Ms-Word)
(needs approval of research supervisor)
Letter of Consent (Ms-Word)
Waseda University Graduate School of Economics (Bulletin) GSE Paper Submission Form (Ms-Word)
Permission to Electronically Release Paper
(Ms-Word) (must be turned in by the author only)
Introduction of Research and Accomplishments
Application for Changing Research Supervisor Application (Ms-Word)
*【For changing your supervisor after your 2nd semester】


Internships (International Organizations, International NGOs, Companies)

1.guideline PDF
2.Internship Credit Approval Application Form Word
3.Details of the internship program Excel
4.Pledge Agreement PDF
5.Manners Seminar & Risk Management Seminar Report Word
6.Internship Records Word
7.Grading sheet for Internship Word


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