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For Current Students

Master's Thesis

March 2020 Master's Program Completion

For those who are scheduled to complete the program in September 2019

Please read the following documents carefully.

(1) Master’s Thesis Guideline
(2) Important Notes on Master’s Thesis

〇Notification for Planned Submission of Master’s Thesis (Application Form)

Notification for Planned Submission of Master’s Thesis

Written Oath


〇Designated Format of Master’s Thesis
Master’s Thesis Title Page

A Notification of Title Change of Master’s Thesis

Master’s Thesis Correction Chart

(For reference) Research Ethics Compliance Manual

September 2020 Master's Program Completion

Candidates for September 2020 degree completion must submit a Master’s Thesis Research Plan to the Office of the Graduate School of Economics according to the following information.

1. Submission Qualifications
The following conditions must be satisfied by the end of the Spring semester of AY 2019.
(1) The student’s supervisor has been determined.
(2) Students have acquired 16 or more credits for prescribed courses.

2. Submission Deadline
January 08 (Wed), 2020 17:00

Master’s Thesis Research Plan Submission
Master’s Thesis Research Plan Format

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