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Master's Thesis

Basic Requirements

The policy of the Graduate School of Economics for the conferral of a master’s degree, in accordance with the GSE’s Diploma Policy, is to have students “master a wide range of basic knowledge and methodologies in the field of economics and gain research capabilities that will enable them to act as independent researchers or superior skills that will allow them to actively pursue careers as advanced professionals” and to have students “be able to conduct research with strict ethics and a robust sense of responsibility.” Evaluations for the conferral of diplomas are conducted with the examination criteria of exhibiting logical consistency and the obtainment of significant research results in the respective major fields of study. The GSE Steering Committee determines whether a candidate has passed or failed.

Examiners and Their Methods

1. The GSE Steering Committee establishes an Examination Committee for an applicant who has met the eligibility requirements to submit a master’s thesis.
2. The Examination Committee comprises one Main Examiner and two Sub-Examiners.
3. The appointment of members to the Examination Committee is determined by the GSE Steering Committee after deliberations.
4. The Examination Committee conducts its examination through in accordance with the Evaluation Standards provided below.
5. The Examination Committee conducts oral evaluations of all applicants who submit a master’s thesis.
6. After the evaluation is completed, each Examiner writes an Examination Report with the results of the oral evaluation and submits it to the GSE.
7. The GSE Steering Committee checks the examination results for each thesis and judges whether it merits the conferral of a degree.

Evaluation Standards

Master’s theses will be evaluated with the following criteria considered.
1. The research question must have academic significance within the field of economics.
2. How the research fits into the wider field academically must be clear.
3. The research findings must exhibit logical consistency.
4. The thesis must follow the academic practices required by the GSE.
5. The analytical techniques that the candidate has mastered must be adequately applied within the thesis.
6. During the oral evaluation, the candidate must be able to provide a clear and concise presentation and to respond to the Examiners’ questions with precision.

September 2020 Master's Program Completion

For those who are scheduled to complete the program in September 2019

Please read the following documents carefully.

Master’s Thesis Guideline (Jun.30, 2020 Updated)

〇Notification for Planned Submission of Master’s Thesis (Application Form)

Notification for Planned Submission of Master’s Thesis & Written Oath

〇Designated Format of Master’s Thesis
Master’s Thesis Title Page

A Notification of Title Change of Master’s Thesis

Master’s Thesis Correction Errata

(For reference) Research Ethics Compliance Manual

March 2021 Master's Program Completion

Candidates for September 2020 degree completion must submit a Master’s Thesis Research Plan to the Office of the Graduate School of Economics according to the following information.

1. Submission Qualifications
The following conditions must be satisfied by the end of the fall semester of AY 2019.
(1) The student’s supervisor has been determined.
(2) Students have acquired 16 or more credits for prescribed courses.

2. Submission Deadline
July 3(Fri), 2020 17:00

Master’s Thesis Research Plan Submission(Updated on May 15.2020)
Master’s Thesis Research Plan Format(Updated on May 15, 2020)

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