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1.How to register courses

(For GSE students) Courses offered by GSE need to be registered online via MyWaseda during a designated period. As to the courses offered by Keio university, School of Political Science and Economics etc., it is necessary to register with a prescribed form. For more details, please refer to “2.Course Registration Documents” below.

2.Course Registration Documents


Document List Materials
[Important] Course Registration Schedules and Rules etc. Documents (2021/09/01 updated)
FAQ (2021/09/13 updated)
The latest information from Center for Japanese Language such as course registration CJL Website
Guidance Materials for September 2021 Enrollees Course Registration Guide (2021/09/13 Updated)
Zoom Guidance for New Students (2020/09/24 Updated)Writing Center(2021/09/07 Updated)
Course Information (1) Course List  (2021/03/10 Updated)
(2) Timetable (2021/03/23 Updated)
Empirical Analysis Program (EAP) Cancellation Form
Five-Year Doctoral Program Cancellation Form for PhD Program
Research Guidance Introduction
※2021/10/21 Updated
How to Register Courses provided by Other Graduate schools Global Education Center (GEC) Website
Common Courses among Different Graduate Schools / Courses Open to Graduate School Students / Japanese Language Courses for International Students Global Education Center (GEC) Website
Course Registration Form for credit transfer system with Keio University/Tokyo Institute of Technology Application Form
[For SPSE Students]*
-Registration for GSE Courses (As Graduate School Courses Taken in Advance)
-Complete Master’s Program in 1 Year
(GSE Website>For Prospective Students>Master’s Program>Special Admissions>Application Documents>[For SPSE Students]“Registration for GSE Courses (As Graduate School Courses Taken in Advance)” and “Complete Master’s Program in 1 Year”)
Graduate Student Exchange (Waseda University, University of Kyoto, Keio University, University of Tokyo) AY2021 Graduate Exchange Program Guideline
Graduate Student Exchange (Waseda University, University of Kyoto, Keio University, University of Tokyo) Application Form AY2021 Graduate Exchange Program Application Form (Japanese Only)
Approval of Credits (Refer to below for more details*)
(*) Study Guide for Students>Master’s Program>I. Requirements for Completing the Master’s Program and Methods for Completing Courses>6.Approval of Credits
Application Form
Internship (International Organizations, NGOs, and Companies) Registration Guide and Application Forms (2021/10/21 updated)
00) Registration Guide
A) Internship Course Registration Form and Proposal
B) Internship Program Details
D) Report on the “Seminars on Etiquette and Risk Management”
E) Written Pledge
F) Internship journal


3.Web Syllabus Search Engine

Web Syllabus Search (English version) Input any keyword(s) for example course name or instructor’s name and put the “search” button, you can find courses you are interested in. ※If you want to search from GSE’s courses only, please choose “G.S. Econo” in the “school” field.
Waseda Researcher Data Base

All course’s syllabus in our university can be read on the “Web Syllabus Search”.

4.Syllabus of the other university (related to Credit Transfer system)

(1)Graduate School of Economics, Keio University

  • For details about the graduate school, click here
  • Syllabus system can be found here

(2)Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • For details, click here
  • Details about timetable can be found here (Japanese Only)
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