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The Graduate School of Economics has two significant goals: to train researchers and to create highly skilled professionals. We have continuously improved the program by introducing joint research supervision by multiple supervisors in addition to individual supervision, maintaining a bulletin, and giving incentives for reporting at academic conferences and related events. As a result, the number of students obtaining a doctoral degree in the study of economics has dramatically increased in recent years and the School has achieved excellent results in its efforts to train researchers. An English-based degree program has been introduced along with a September-admission system, which makes it possible for students to obtain a degree entirely in English. In addition to that, a 5-year Doctoral Program was newly established in 2013 so that we can provide more intensive coursework. This allows students to appreciate consistent research guidance throughout the Master’s program and the Doctoral program. As a graduate school that is open to the world, we consider it one of our priorities to provide not only education but also research opportunities for students.

At the same time, we are committed in many ways to providing our students with the necessary skills to find work as skilled professionals after graduation. The number of students finding sought-after careers following graduation from the Graduate School of Economics continues to increase. We have long been considering what kinds of programs and curricula we can provide in order to meet our students’ needs, which led to the establishment of the Empirical Analysis Program in AY 2014. Moreover, we have many partner universities overseas and offer exchange programs, which enable us to provide a variety of ways to cultivate skilled professionals. The Global Political Economy Course, which was created as a joint venture with the Graduate School of Political Science, was reorganized as a Graduate School of Economics Course. However, students will also be able to receive guidance from faculty members of the Graduate School of Political Science. Therefore, we will continue ever to innovate, striving to preserve the quality of the education we provide despite the current COVID-19 situation by concentrating on devising new means of learning, including online and on-demand lectures, as well as such lectures in combination with face-to-face seminars. We will continue to cultivate those who wish to play an active role on the world economic stage as economic researchers and skilled professionals.


Dean of the Graduate School of Economics

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