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Yes. The master’s and doctor’s courses allow you to obtain degrees taught only in English. The English language program is offered only to students joining the University in September for the master’s course, and to students joining the university in either April or September for the doctor’s course.

We have temporarily stopped accepting applications for non-degree students.

Yes. It is possible for a proxy in Japan to pay the fee. In such cases, always make sure that the application is carried out in the name of the applicant.

Master's Program

No. There is no need for advance contact. From April 2013, you can  only decide  your desired course and field of research. Please be aware that it is not possible to specify a supervising teacher in advance. 

In the first semester of the first year, when you have not yet have a supervisor, you will determine subjects based on the subject model, which is distributed after your enrollment, where each supervisor lists “required” and “recommended” subjects. By the end of the first semester, you should apply to the supervisor with whom you would like to study, and advising will begin in the second semester after your supervisor has been decided.

If you did not have your Bachelor’s thesis on economics, please prepare a separate paper (such that it could be considered a thesis).

Passing the entrance examination on its own is not enough to apply for a new student visa or to extend a student visa. You can only carry out visa procedures when you have paid the admission fee and the prescribed academic fees, and completed admissions procedures by submitting all other necessary documents. In the case of April entry to the University, admissions procedures are completed in early March. However, applications to process admissions are accepted in December from overseas applicants only. In the case of September entry, admissions applications are accepted in late June. Please carry out visa applications after this time.

You can read a message from each faculty supervisor in the pamphlet for the Graduate School to which you are applying.

Doctor’s Program

Our system of research fields creates an environment where a variety of students are welcome regardless of their home university or country. Many students continue into the Doctoral Program from within our school, but in recent years the number of students entering the program from outside institutions has increased.

Candidates are judged comprehensively based on application documents, their Master’s thesis, and an oral interview. Language scores (including TOEFL certificates, as well as those of any other language tests deemed necessary by each School) must be submitted by all applicants at the same time as the rest of their application. Please take any necessary language tests well before submitting your application so that you can submit your scores at the same time. (Scores from within the last two years are considered valid). You may choose one language from among English, French, German and Russian.


Waseda University offers numerous scholarship systems. What’s more, JASSO and various other foundations accept applications for scholarships on an ongoing basis. However, at present any organization does not offer any scholarships to which you can apply at the time of the application or before matriculating. Please check the bulletin board for enrolled student after matriculation for information about scholarships.

Yes. There are dormitories for Waseda students. You can contact the Waseda University Residence Life Center for more details.(

A guarantor is required when renting an apartment, but as a general rule you must find a guarantor on your own. However, in cases where a student has just arrived in Japan and cannot find a guarantor, we have an affiliate company called Waseda Property Management that offers rental guarantor services and acts as students’ point of contact in that process. Please see here for details.

Yes, please see below.

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  2. Kouhainavi Blog
    Students currently enrolled at Waseda University offer support to students who are planning to join their faculties. As part of these efforts, blog articles are posted with the aim of helping to resolve potential concerns prior to admission. This may also be useful for new students planning to join the graduate schools.
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