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Waseda Political Science and Economics Alumni Association (Tomon Seikeikai)

Members of the Waseda Political Science and Economics Alumni Association are bound together by their pride in having studied at Waseda University’s School of Political Science and Economics, Graduate School of Political Science, Graduate School of Economics, and Graduate School of Public Management. While deepening their friendship with one another in order to create a strong alumni organization, they also work closely with the Faculty of Political Science and Economics with the aim of contributing to the Faculty and society at large.


Aiming to be a new type of community that connects generations, business, and industry and academia

Waseda Political Science and Economics Alumni Association (Tomon Seikeikai)

Since April 2009



Waseda University Alumni Association (WUAA)

The Alumni Association is managed by its members and they can  also take part in the administrative planning of the University through the Association. Representatives from each registered Tomonkai (Alumni Association) are elected and come together in a governing conference of representatives. The core of this conference is the Chairpersons, who are similarly elected from among alumni. The Chairpersons Committee, which is made up of Executive Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons, and the conferences of representatives have intense discussions about the activities of the Alumni Association. We hope that all alumni will participate in creating a network that extends around the world.



Public Lectures and Events

An overview of public lectures, symposia and other events is available online. You can also read about past events.


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