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Positions requiring sophisticated specialized knowledge and
advanced economic analysis skills

Our students can be confident that the sophisticated expert knowledge and skills in economic data analysis that they learn in our Master’s Program can be put to use immediately upon entry into a wide variety of corporate or research environments. The ability to empirically analyze economic data at a graduate rather than undergraduate level, for example, is becoming increasingly vital in financial institutions, think tanks, and other important sectors of today’s world. Developing a solid theoretical foundation and advanced data analysis skills during our Master’s Program will undoubtedly open up a wide range of career possibilities to graduates.


For more details about “Empirical Analysis Program (EAP)”, please kindly refer to the following:

・Study Guide for Students

・GSE Brochure


For more details about “Exchange Program (QTEM)”, please kindly refer to the following:

・Study Abroad


Students looking to further pursue their research interests and become members of the scientific community have the opportunity to continue on to the Doctoral Program within the Graduate School of Economics. While enrolled, students will be actively encouraged to participate in academic conferences and submit their work to academic journals both within Japan and abroad. Those demonstrating outstanding scholastic achievements (publication in leading international peer-reviewed academic journals) can apply for early graduation, making it possible to earn a Ph.D. (complete both the Master’s and Doctoral Program) in as little as three years. Students with a passion for research will thus find
that the Graduate School of Economics is set up to support them in pushing themselves to the full extent of their potential to reach their academic goals.


For more details about “Five-Year Doctoral Program”, please kindly refer to the following:

・Study Guide for Students

・GSE Brochure


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