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Alec Zisson
International MBA Program
from United States

 International MBA Program

What’s Special about Getting My MBA in Japan

After learning about Japanese quality management programs such as Lean Six Sigma from having worked in the energy industry, I became interested in learning more about business from the Japanese perspective, which eventually led me to Waseda. While I have not been able to come to Japan yet due to the pandemic, I have had ample virtual interaction with students and professors from not only Japan, but also all over the world. At Waseda, we are grouped into zemi’s or small seminar cohorts. My zemi with Professor Iriyama has been a highlight of my experience. Here, we have learned about various Japanese business trends from the tendency of Japanese companies to have high cash holdings to the emerging V-tubing industry – thank you Waseda!


※This information is as of June 2021

 International MBA Program

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