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Database Workshops 2017 autumn (Company Information, OECD and Pedagogy)

S. Takata Memorial Research Library and the Faculty Libraries in the Waseda Campus will hold database workshops as follows.  The lectures will be given by instructors of each database vendor.
Although the workshops are mainly for graduate students, undergraduate students and faculty members can also join them.

[About the Workshops]

  • Quota: 40 participants for each program
  • Admission: free
  • Your Waseda ID is required to entry.

[How to Apply]

  • Reservation through MyWaseda online form is required.  Click ‘Apply’ for each program in the table below.
  • We are to close the application form at 17 o’clock of the day before each workshop.  We may close it earlier when the number of applicants reached the quota.
  • If there are vacant seats on the day, we will also accept attendants who have not applied in advance.
  • If you have to cancel the reservation, re-submit the application and choose ‘Cancel’ at the ‘Program’ section.

【Workshop Schedule】

Database (Lecture Language) Date Location Form
1 [Nikkei NEEDS-FinancialQUEST] (in Japanese)
Search service for economic data such as corporate finance, stock & bond, macroeconomics, statistics.
Nov. 10 (Fri.)
5th period
Build. 11
room 608
by Nov.9
2  [OECD iLibrary] (in Japanese)
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s online library of statistical databases, books, and periodicals.
 Nov. 16 (Thu.)
4th period
Build. 11
room 601
by Nov.15
3  [Nikkei Value Search] (in Japanese)
Rich data, articles, disclosure documents and reports useful for analysis of Japanese companies and industries.
Nov. 17 (Fri.)
4th period
Build. 11
room 608
by Nov.16
4  [eol] (in Japanese)
Japanese company information, market & financial data and disclosure documents such as securities reports.
Nov. 22 (Wed.)
4th period
Build. 11
room 601
by Nov.21
5  [ERIC/ProQuest] (in Japanese)
Database sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education to provide extensive access to educational-related literature.
Nov. 24(金)
3rd period
Build. 14
room 503
 by Nov.23
6  [OSIRIS] (in English)
Global listed companies’ corporate information, financial data, shareholder related information, rating, etc.
Nov. 29 (Wed.)
4th period
Build. 11
room 608
by Nov.28


Takata Library Database Worksop Staff, mail to Takata-literacy★list.waseda.jp  (Please change ★ to @.)

[Related Information]

The Central Library will hold Library Workshops for students during the same period.  Please check them out, too.

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Wed, 18 Oct 2017

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