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Regarding the library service for the students who are graduating or completing programs in September, 2020

For the students who are graduating or completing programs in this September, please keep in mind that the usage of the Library will change.

In case that you have not returned the books, you might not be able to receive your certificate of degree, and also your alumni association card from Alumni Affairs Section.

Please be sure to return all the books.

You can return books by mail service or to drop boxes. Please click here for more information about the way to return books.


~Borrowing books on and after August 27 (Thu) ~

If you borrow books on and after August 27 (Thu), the due dates will be showed incorrectly in My Library. The due dates showed in My Library will be the days you borrow the books, but all due dates of the books you borrow on and after August 27 (Thu) are 【September 10 (Thu)】. After the day you borrow, automated messages which tell you “PLEASE return the following overdue item(s).” will be sent systematically. Please ignore these messages and please return the books by 【September 10 (Thu)】.

Students who are graduating or completing programs, Enchosei (students who enroll beyond designated academic years)*, Non-degree Students, Research Students, and Exchange Students, who are completing programs

Students who are continuing to Master’s program or Doctoral program from September 2020

*In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, the library opening schedule has been changed. Please kindly note that it might be changed in the future for the safety reason.


In “My Library”, you can check the books you are borrowing. (Until Wednesday, September 30). 

◆Sign in to WINE

Please cancel all the holds through the ‘Requests’ tab on ‘My Library’ page before your graduation if there are items you have requested.

About the use of the library after the graduation, please see Alumni office’s Website (available only in Japanese).


Please keep in mind that the students below have different schedules.

<Students of the School of International Liberal Studies (SP3/SP4)>

<Students of the Center for Japanese Language (Japanese Language Program)>


For Inquires

■The Service Desk of Libraries and Reading Rooms E-mail: libmail(★)list.waseda.jp  *Please replace (★) with @ when sending mail.

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