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【Finished】Participants wanted for Library Workshops Fall 2019

We will hold workshops for improving your knowledge for gathering and managing materials, and also for using the library. Basic program and Writing program will be conducted in English! Why don’t you come and join us?


>>Program details (leaflet)


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BE:Get along with LIBRARY!
(Basic program in English)

  • Date & Time:
    October 29 (Tue.) 13:00-14:15
    November 11 (Mon.) 14:45-16:00
    *The contents of each class are the same. Please participate in a convenient class for you.
  • Location:
    Group Study Room 2, 2nd floor, Central Library, Waseda Campus
  • Open to:
    Undergraduate or graduate students who do not know how to use the library resources. (*Mainly for new students.)
  • Databases introduced in this session:
    WINE (for books, databases, e-journals etc.), and some of newspapers.
  • Program overview:
    In this workshop, the participants will learn how to use library resources, such as books and journal articles. Be exposed yourself to the library’s resources and improve your research skills!
  • Notes
    The content of this workshop is almost the same as the library guidance in classes (EDP Basic Seminar, etc.).

WE:How to Cite Sources and Avoid Plagiarism [Collaborative program with Writing Center]
Writing program in English)

  • Date & Time:
    November 8 (Fri.) 9:30-12:10(9:30-10:30 Library Part  10:40-12:10 Writing Center Part)
  • Location:
    CTLT Classroom 2 (3-202), 2nd floor, Building #3, Waseda Campus
  • Open to:
    Undergraduate and Graduate Students (30 students)
  • Databases introduced in this session:
    WINE, etc
  • Program overview:
    The workshop will help participants learn: (1) what plagiarism is and how to avoid it by using citations;(2) the basic difference between direct quotation and paraphrasing, between in-text citations and footnotes/endnotes, and what a reference list is;(3) how to cite materials using three of the most commonly used citation styles, but with a special focus on APA; and (4) basic information on useful books, websites and reference manager software.

How to apply

>>Application form (MyWaseda)

* Participants in the WE workshop are limited to 30.
* First applied, first served. Make sure to apply early!

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Fri, 11 Oct 2019

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