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[Important Notice] Regarding the use of the Central Library during the 3rd floor renovation period

Waseda University Library

As already announced, from February 9th to March 31st, 2019, the 3rd floor of Central Library will be renovated to enhance Learning Commons area.

During the renovation period, part of the library facilities will be closed. Meanwhile, we shall do our best to ensure that your study and research are not interrupted.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Temporary closure

The Central Library will be temporarily closed on the following days for renovations.

February 9th to 10th, March 9th to 15th

Temporary closed area

In order to give top priority to safety for users, the part of the 3rd floor indicated by gray will be closed during the renovation period. For this reason, the passages inside the Library will be greatly limited.

[3rd floor]

  • Magazines, Academic Journals, Newspapers and Paperbacks Corner will be closed. Some of these materials will be relocated to other places in the Library. Please check the following “Using library materials located in the closed area”.
  • The staircase from the 3rd floor to the 4th floor and the 3rd floor elevators will be closed.
  • If you use the 4th floor, please come from the 2nd floor by elevator.
  • Facilities outside of the temporary closed area are available as usual. For example, the rest of the 3rd floor reading rooms, general books, and the entrance of bound periodical collections are available. The 2nd, 4th, 1st, and basement floors (Research Collections Area) are also available.
  • If you have any concerns about your ability to move to the other floor (such as when you use wheelchair), library staff will be happy to help you. If necessary, we can also fetch materials for you, so please don’t hesitate to consult the Information Desk (TEL: 03-3203-5581).

Facilities of the Central Library during the 3rd floor renovation period(From Feb.9th to Mar.31st)

Using library materials located in the closed area

From February 9th to March 27th, the use of some library materials will be limited.

Unavailable materials

From February 9th to March 27th, all materials at the following locations will be unavailable.
We will start relocating materials on February 8th and March 27th around 1 pm. Therefore, some materials will become unvailable after the start time.

  • All materials at the [Location: A-CENTRAL/3F IPPAN BUNKO]

Use of paperbacks during the renovation period of the 3rd floor (from February 9th to March 27th)

Materials temporary moved

From February 9th to March 27th, materials at the following locations will be relocated to other places in the Central Library. If you are unsure whether the material you are looking for is accsessible, please do not hesitate to contact the nearest service desk.

  • Materials at the [Location: A-CENTRAL/3F ZASSHI]

Moved Location

  • Identity「3階雑誌フロア(鳩の巣書架)」
    Latest issues: 2F Commons2 Newly Arrived Corner
    Previous issues: Bound Periodical Collections Room
  • Identity「3階雑誌フロア(一般棚/洋雑誌/大学紀要/早稲田/官報 等)」
    Bound Periodical Collections Room
  • Identity「3階雑誌フロア(当日新聞架/新聞)」
    3F Study Place (Quiet Area)

Noises inside the Library

Reading rooms outside the closed area are available as usual, but during the renovation period, loud noises may occur in the Library. If you prefer a quiet environment, please use other libraries at Waseda Campus.

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