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Major Renovation of Waseda University’s Central Library for Greatly Expanded Learning Commons

Major Renovation of Waseda University’s Central Library
Only the Library Could Create Greatly Expanded Learning Commons Like These!

Beginning on August 3, 2018, the second and third floors of Waseda University’s Central Library will be renovated in stages, so that by March 2019 we shall have greatly enlarged the area devoted to Learning Commons. The planned renovations will encourage active use of the Learning Commons, supporting Waseda Vision 150’s commitment to move to an “interactive problem finding and solving style of education,” while at the same time preserving the Central Library’s traditional peace and quiet. This will be a new library!

At Waseda University Central Library, we have collected and made available scientific knowledge that has contributed to traditional learning and research. The renovations described here enable us to expand both our facilities and our professional support. We hope to help students and researchers exchange ideas with one another and learn in a variety of different ways.

As we evolve from a silent repository to an active arena in line with the changing needs of the times, we hope that you will continue to make use of all the resources offered by the Central Library.

What the Renovated Second Floor and Third Floor Will Look Like

Second Floor

Commons 1 (Creation)

Commons 1 (Creation) is an area where you can collaborate with colleagues using the computers provided, create new knowledge, and produce or publish your results. Commons 1 also includes the LA desk, where you can get advice about your studies from the Library’s Learning Assistants, and the Reference Desk, where you can consult the librarians about how to search for the specialist materials you need.

Commons 2 (Discussion)

Commons 2 (Discussion) is an area where you can swop ideas, discuss things in a group, and share your excitement about new discoveries, using the equipment provided. You don’t even have to be in a group! There are chairs, sofas, and computer workstations that can be used by individuals.

Group Study Room 1・2

Group Study Rooms 1 and 2 are where Library Workshops, at which we show you a wide variety of techniques to help you in your studies, are held. The rooms are open for group study at all other times. There are white boards you can use to facilitate discussion, and projectors for practicing presentations.

Third Floor

Commons 3 (Browsing)

Commons 3 (Browsing) is designed to emphasize long-stay comfort. You can browse newspapers and magazines displayed on the rack, and you can deepen your knowledge by reading paperbacks and general interest books that have been moved here from the second floor.

Commons 4 (Work)

Commons 4 (Work) is an area with carrels where you can consult library materials and do research.

Images Courtesy of KOKUYO MARKETING Co.,Ltd.


Our Vision for Learning Commons that are unique to the Library is as follows:

  • A learning space in which a variety of styles of learning can co-exist, from group learning through individual learning that requires quiet concentration. Students are encouraged to study independently, while making use of library materials close at hand and our support services.
  • A place that encourages a variety of intellectual activity related to education, learning, and research, where students, teachers, and librarians, making the greatest possible use of Library resources and services, can exchange ideas with one another.
Main Areas
Second Floor
  • Commons 1 (Creation)
  • Commons 2 (Discussion)
  • Group Study Room 1・2
  • Silent Reading Room 1
Third Floor
  • Commons 3 (Browsing)
  • Commons 4 (Work)
  • Silent Reading Room 2
Period of Building Work
  • Second Floor: August 6 – September 30, 2018 (planned)
  • Third Floor: February 1 – March 15, 2019 (planned)

※The Library may close temporarily during building work. Any closures will be announced in advance on the NEWS page of the Library’s website. Access to some parts of the Library will be restricted during the renovations.

Construction Companies
  • Overall Management: Waseda University Campus Planning Division
  • Design and Construction: TODA CORPORATION
  • Installation of Equipment and Furnishing: KOKUYO MARKETING Co.,Ltd.
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