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S. Takata Memorial Research Library User Guide


  • Faculty and staff
  • Graduate students
  • Green or Blue Library card holders
  • Visitors with a letter of introduction issued by other libraries (Please note that materials are available for in-library use and photocopying only)
  • Undergraduate students, students from Waseda University Senior & Junior High Schools, Art & Architecture School, and affiliated high schools, and Alumni card holders will be admitted only when they want to use materials which are available solely in Takata Library. Such users should note the exact title and call number of the material they want to consult, go to the Takata Library directly, and fill in an application form at the entrance. (Please note that books may not be borrowed.)
  • Concerning visitors’ use, refer to “Visitors” and “Other libraries.”
  • Users from universities with which Waseda has cooperative agreements (Keio University, Doshisha University, Hitotsubashi University, and Kansai University) are required to bring a letter of introduction from the library to which he or she belongs.

Entering the Library

  • Use the south entrance of Building no. 2. The Library entrance is on the third floor.
  • The Library entrance is operated by an automated entrance system: use your Student ID, Faculty and Staff ID, or Library card).
  • Alumni and undergraduate students should fill in an application form at the entrance.

Borrowing and returning library materials

Refer to “Borrowing rules.”

  • Please show your Waseda ID card and the book you want to borrow at the service desk on the third floor.
  • Return books to the service desk. You can also return books you have borrowed from the Central Library, Campus Libraries, or Student Reading Rooms to any library or reading room. For more details, see “Return Anywhere Service.”
  • A book drop box is available on the first floor of Building no. 2.

Please note that:

  • Only users qualified to borrow Takata Library books can use the book drop box of Takata Library.
  • Books accepted are those borrowed from S. Takata Memorial Research Library, Central Library, Toyama Library, Science and Engineering Library (including Student Reading Room), Tokorozawa Library, and Student Reading Rooms.
  • Return procedures will be completed the next business day after books are posted.


  • There are two types of copy machines: prepaid card and coin-operated.
  • Please note that we cannot change money or issue a receipt.
  • You can buy a copy card for 1,000 yen or 2,000 yen from the card dispensers near the entrance.

Book Purchase Request for S. Takata Memorial Research Library (Online Request)

The S. Takata Memorial Research Library stores books purchased with the budgets for library materials granted to each graduate school on the Waseda campus. Therefore book purchase requests are restricted to users of the affiliations noted below. Purchase decisions will be made taking into account the budget of each school and according to the library rules. Please note that in deciding whether to buy the materials, the library may share information, such as the requester’s name and the title requested, with faculty members in charge of book selection and/or academic advisors.

Users eligible to make a purchase request

Users eligible to make a purchase request to the S. Takata Memorial Research Library:

  • Full-time faculty, including assistant professors and research associates, who belong to the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences, the Faculty of Commerce, or the Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Full-time faculty who belong to the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies should consult the Asia-Pacific Library.
  • Graduate students who belong to the Graduate School of Political Science, the Graduate School of Economics, the Graduate School of Public Management, the Waseda Law School, the Graduate School of Education, the Graduate School of Commerce, the Graduate School of Accountancy, the Graduate School of Business and Finance, or the Graduate School of Social Sciences.
  • Students who belong to the Graduate School of Law should consult the Graduate School of Law Student Reading Room.
  • Students who belong to the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies should consult the Asia-Pacific Library.

How to request

Please apply via the “Library Online Request Form” in “MyWaseda”.

The libraries of each School also accept purchase requests for the Takata Library.

Notice about the Library’s response

  • We cannot guarantee that all requested titles will be purchased. In the case that a purchased book is classified as Arts, Language, or Literature, it will be placed in the Central Library.
    Please note that foreign books may take several months to arrive.

Using Your Own PC

You can use your own computer for research purposes in designated areas of the S. Takata Memorial Research Library. Please observe the following rules.

Areas for PC use

  • Graduate Student Reading Room on the 4th floor (Wired & Wireless Lan available)
  • Group Reading Room on the 4th floor (Wired & Wireless Lan available)
  • PC Room in the Reading room on the 5th floor (Wired Lan available)
  • In order to maintain a quiet environment, please note that PCs and calculators may not be used in the Group Reading Room or the Faculty Reading Room on the 5th floor.


The use of printers or scanners in the Library is not permitted.
You should mute the speaker of your PC. If you need to listen to the sound,  please use headphones.

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